What’s the latest in lingerie fashion?

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Sexy lingerie is an aphrodisiac. And it’s simply amazing what a little bit of colour can do to lift one’s spirit. Keep aside your clothes, shoes and accessories. What we are talking here about is pure, sinful indulgence with your lingerie collection. Gone are the days of strictly blacks, whites and nudes. Now it’s all about colours, right from the sizzling hot fuschias and purples to the soothing aquas and yellows.

So what are the hottest colours for this season? “Fuschia, purple, gold, turquoise, chocolate, green and wine, “ says Dalbir Bains of the luxury lingerie boutique Boudoir London. According to her, the other in things in lingerie include funky geometric prints, animal prints and the shadow effect. Prod her a bit and she’ll be more than happy to show you a range of mind-blowing lingerie, be it the electric blue bra with pink lining with matching knickers or the bra with print in front and lace behind. “Print and lace, print and solid colours, smooth bras with animal print, that’s what everyone wants this season,” she adds.

Mean-while, Anuradha Burman, production head at Etam opines that the hottest colours for this season are shades of pink. “It ranges from the extreme fuchsia to light pink. Red is also coming back internationally,” she says. The other in colours, she adds, are jewel colours like rust, electric blue and emerald green.

And while you freak out on the colours, Shraboni Mukherjee of Triumph says one of the hottest trends this season is bras with scallop lace trimmings. “In fact, a lot of bold women who sport deep necklines even want the lace to peek out,” she says adding that pink, green, lacy white and rosewood are among the most happening colours currently.

According to Anuradha, while the college crowd goes crazy over funky colours and prints, young working girls prefer conservative “structured and more functional” lingerie for their day wear. Internationally, the trend is also about co-ordinated buying — matching bras and knickers and less coverage bras. “These days a lot of women are into deep necks and cleavages,” she explains. In the knickers segment, the bikini style, thongs, G-string and boxer shorts are still going strong, Anuradha says.

Dalbir meanwhile says college girls prefer the simple yet smooth bras. “The want seamless bras to wear with figure hugging T-shirts. Also, the multi-way bras — ones which can be used with racer tops and halter tops are highly in demand. One other hot trend is detailing on the straps. Since many girls wear colourful ganjis, they are more than happy to show of their intricately designed bra straps,” she explains.

Another in trend according to Shraboni is that of young girls wearing vibrant coloured bras and semi transparent tops. “They are no longer the shy, not wanting their lingerie to show types,” she says. And for the next season, watch out for wild prints and soothing colours and stock up on those purples, the experts warn.

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