14 Hairstyles For When Dry Shampoo Isn’t Enough

If you’re the kind of person who sets four alarms each night, then you’re likely already very well acquainted with dry shampoo. But we all know there are days when a hit of powder just isn’t enough — and you need a quick updo that will fool everyone from thinking you haven’t washed your hair in three days (or five, no judgment).

That’s where the styles ahead come in. We’ve rounded up 14 of the most effortless, easy looks that will get you out the door fast — with step-by-step videos you can watch as you style. Go ahead and hit snooze. Again.

Make a small center part and pull back the hair from the top of your head into a mini loop. Use bobby pins to secure the hair into a bun at the crown. Don’t worry about it looking messy — it’s better if it does.

Curls feeling a little limp? Use a scarf to create a stylish updo. Flip your hair over and first tie the fabric in the front, finishing with a knot in the back.

DIY your own headband with this pretty braided style. Grab a piece of hair from the back of your part and begin braiding it toward the face, picking up pieces as you go. Continue it down and around your ear, then secure with an elastic and some pins.

Change up your twist out with this pretty half updo. First create a strong side part, then pull the hair taught on each side, twist it once, and secure it in place with a pin.

To give your hair cool, model-off-duty texture, make a few loose braids across your head and press your straightener over them to set the waves. Shake them out and add hold by scrunching in some spray.

A simple topknot is uncomplicated and cool. Create a tight pony at your crown, then divide the tail, twist, and pin.

Make cute pigtail buns with your braids by dividing your hair in half, then taking a few braids and wrapping them around each section. Secure with pins and you’re good to go.

Create an elegant schoolgirl style with this hidden pony trick. Add some product to your roots to smooth down flyaways. Then, pull your front strands into a pony at the nape of your neck and under the rest of your hair.

Want to go bold in a time crunch? A little glitter is standout and uncomplicated — although it can get a little messy (our advice: Work over your sink). Mix a little bit of gel with your color of choice before painting it across your scalp or part.

Transform a ponytail with some twisting. Start at the top of your hairline and add in small pieces to the twist as you work towards the back of your head.

If you’re already a master French braider, this look will be speedy. Stop braiding halfway — at the nape of your neck — and pull any leftover hair into ponytails. You can leave it as is, or tease your strands to add a little more oomph.

Ready to look awesome in less than a minute? Gather all your hair at your crown, secure it with an elastic, then use your fingers to open and separate your curls. Done.

Short haired folks, we didn’t forget about you. Disguise dirty roots with a few decorative bobby pins along your hairline.

Use bedhead to your advantage. Gather your hair into two sections and loop them into a knot. Secure the style with a just couple of pins to keep things a little loose in the front.

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