4 Office Style Mistakes To Avoid This Year

An official look does not have to be boring. You can stay stylish but still manage to pull off a great outfit suitable for the office. You want to exude confidence and create a good impression to your clients. You must be careful what you wear, or you will make unforgiveable fashion mistakes and give the wrong impression while at it. Today, we highlight the most common office style mistakes men make and show you how to avoid them. 

1. Not paying attention to your accessories 

Accessories are the perfect way to make a fashion statement without overpowering your look. They add zest and poise to your style and leave people wondering what was so different about you. From the ties you pick to the watch and pocket square, select something that will show your personality while keeping the look formal and presentable. One of the most ignored accessories is your laptop bag. Most men tend to go with whatever they can get their hands on, without thinking of the image they are portraying. To change this, start by looking at a stylish selection of laptop bags, and identify one that’s suitable for your personality and dressing style. A good laptop bag should be made from a long-lasting material such as leather, and have enough pockets to hold some personal items while protecting your laptop from any impending damage. 

2. Overdoing the patterns

Patterns were initially a fashion statement for women. They are, however, taking the men’s fashion scene by storm. Unfortunately, a lot of men do not know how to pull off patterns officially. If you overdo a pattern, you will look ridiculous in the boardroom. If your tie is patterned, your shirt should be plain. If your shirt has stripes, your tie should be plain. If your suit has patterns, match it with a solid color shirt. 

3. Wearing oversized jackets

 A lot of men seem not to get this right. Oversized coats make you look clumsy and unkept. Ensure the coat you wear fits you perfectly and highlights that bod you’ve been dying to show off. If you are not sure the coat you have is in your size, visit a tailor and have them help you figure it out as you get yourself a well-fitting coat. 

4. Not matching the Collar and tie knots

You should know that shirt collars are different. Some are made full, while some are made to be narrow. No rule dictates which you should wear to the office. You have to know how to pair the colors with the knots of the tie. If your shirt has wide collars, the knot should be more prominent. If the shirt has narrow collars, the knot should be small. Pairing a slim tie with a full collar is clumsy, so drop that. 

Ensure that you are comfortable in your outfit while in the office, and always strive to look your best. For a powerful look and good first impression, correct these mistakes if you’ve been making them and adapt the better style. 

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