Fall’s Most Gorgeous Beauty Trends Revealed

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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In case you hadn’t noticed, fall is officially upon us. So, while we finally get sweater weather, it also means it’s time to step up your beauty game with the latest looks from the runway — deep, jewel-toned pouts, shimmery metallic peepers, and glamorous (hat-friendly) ‘dos. But, as excited as we get about scoping trends as they come off the catwalk, when it comes to emulating them ourselves, things can get a little dicey. So, how do we manage to look polished and sultry without looking like Gaga on a bad day? 

We scored some face time with MAC makeup artist Keri Blair, hairstylist Leah De Ment, and manicurist Dawn Sterling for an insider look at the process behind making the fall runway trends wearable and easy to replicate. (Spoiler alert: There are a lot of metallics anda lot of curls.) Our dream team took us full throttle into the season’s hottest trends and gave their insider tips for achieving these otherworldly looks ourselves.


Fall is all about the changing colors. And, one of the best ways to highlight this trend is through your makeup. “I am obsessed with color,” says Keri Blair, MAC makeup artist. “This look gave me a bit of freedom to embrace jewel tones that will enhance and define the eye.” 

Using a flat brush (Blair used MAC #239), follow the natural shape of the eye to create soft, diffused contours, which will add dimension to the eye. Add color under the eye, as well, for a sultry effect. Layering blue shadows over shimmery pale tones, Blair created a playful yet mysterious blue smoky eye, leaving the rest of the face pale with just a light peachy color on the lips. 

Try MAC Cream Color Base in Pearl, Technakohl Liner in Auto-de-blu, Eye Shadow in Electric Eel, Carbon and Contrast and MAC in Lipstick in Peachstock.


“It’s a modern version of the ‘V’ French manicure, which is traditionally natural and white,” says manicurist Dawn Sterling. “I did a nude opaque and a deep red to add a bit of vamp and glam to this nail.” 

Tom Ford Nail Lacquer in Smoke Red, $30, available at Neiman MarcusDior Vernis Nail Lacquer in Trench, $23, available at Nordstrom.


“This look is very old Hollywood,” says hairstylist Leah De Ment, “It’s soft, glamorous, and feminine.”

To get the look at home, De Ment suggests starting with a deep side part, then curling your entire head using a 1-inch curling iron. To finish, brush out hair with a paddle brush to create soft, loose curls and spray with finishing spray. 

Try Warren Tricomi Flexible Hairspray.


Channel your inner Great Gatsby character with this ‘do. “I really wanted to give the hair a ’20s feel,” says De Ment. “It’s short but still feminine.” She created this faux bob look by starting with the hair from look one. Then, she pinned the ends up at the nape of the neck to create a shorter style. 

Try Warren Tricomi Flexible Hairspray and hot tools.


“This look is pure fall fun by mixing colors and textures,” Sterling says. “I used a bright blue with metallic silver tips for a futuristic-glam feel.” 

USLU Airlines nail polish in CMB, $24.64, available at USLA AirlinesEssie nail polish in Blue Rhapsody, $8, available at Essie.


“This look focuses on a deconstructed, metallic smoky eye, using bronze, chocolate brown, and black colors.” says Blair. “It’s a nod to the classic Italian beauty, classic sophistication.”

Using an eye pencil, Blair created a base in the shape desired on the lid. Next, she used a metallic eyeshadow and pressed it onto the black pencil with a flat brush. Using a fluffy brush and a taupe matte shade, she blended the edges of the metallic shadow into the inner corner of the eye and through the crease. The look was finished off with black mascara. 

To create a sculpted cheek, Blair used a sculpting cream and highlighted the cheekbone with a shimmery white color. She finished the lips by pressing a nude lipstick into them with her fingers for a lighter wash of color. 

Try MAC Eye Shadow in Satin Taupe and Carbon, pigment in Vanilla, and Lipstick inPeachstock and Pretty Please.


Carry over your favorite loose summer look into fall with a minor update. “The hair for this look is super easy and effortlessly cool looking.” says De Ment. “Like sexy bed head working with your natural texture.” 

To get this look at home De Ment suggests letting the hair dry naturally before curling random sections with a 1-inch curling iron, being sure to leave the ends out. This will make it seem like you spent more time on your hair than you actually did and that the curl will look more natural. Finish the look by shaking it out with your fingers and spraying with Warren Tricomi spray wax.


“Dark lips always seem to sneak their way into our fall makeup reportage,” Blair says. “It’s a season where we can do less and accomplish more. Using deep terra cotta chocolate lipsticks against a well-sculpted canvas will speak volumes without saying a word.” 

Here, Blair evened out the skin tone with a sheer foundation to gauge which features need more shaping or intensity. She used a nude lip pencil to shape out the lips before adding MAC Cremestick Liner in Cushy mixed with MAC Lipstick in Film Noir.


Sterling used a metallic nail polish in rose gold to finish the look. “Rose gold is the new nude,” says Sterling. “More women find it daring while still staying close to their comfort zones!” 

Essie Nail Polish in Penny Talk, $8, available at Essie.

Photographed by Dan McMahon;

Makeup by Keri Blair;

Hair by Leah De Ment;

Manicure by Dawn Sterling

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