Cool Customers: 17 Winter Street Snaps

If there is one time of year that really separates the women from the girls (style-wise, that is), it’s the dead of winter. Yes, it’s hard to keep it chic with slush puddles and frostbite fear abound. However, if the sky isn’t spitting ice daggers at you and the weather is bearable, you can look like a babe during the wintertime. 

To get your blood flowing, we’ve found some inspirational street-style pics of ladies around the world keeping the cold (and ugly) at bay.


New York — Maggie Paxton sports the best hand-me-down, ever: her great-grandmother’s fur muffler. 

Photographed by YoungJun Koo


Paris — We’ve seen statement necklaces before, but Doina Ciobanu’s is off the chain. Literally.

Photographed by Melanie Galea


Tokyo — Chiaki’s coat may be gray, but her look is anything but. And, if you scan closely, you’ll spot her cleverly hidden denim jacket layered into the mix.

Photographed by Stacey Young


Paris — Rose-colored glasses are great, but these citrusy specs may be the next best thing…especially when Gray Castillo matches them to her crossbody Céline.

Photographed by Melanie Galea


New York — Edda Petursdottir is a model and a girl after our own hearts, as she makes a pair of Nikes look extra cool when paired with Isabel Marant pants and a vintage topper. 

Photographed by YoungJun Koo


Amsterdam — Cindy, a salesperson, is certainly selling us on her killer Isabel Marant booties and sleek-as-can-be Muubaa pants. That’s probably because she’s also the style blogger behind Come Over To The Dark Side We Have Candy

Photographed by Christian Vierig


Paris — We love this street-style star’s powerfully printed piece of outerwear — the perfect way to look stunning (not frozen) when the mercury does drop through the floor. 

Photographed by Melanie Galea


New York — All vintage everything. Model Zuzanna Krzatala breathes new life into these amazing second-hand finds.

Photographed by YoungJun Koo


Tokyo — Azusa pairs her Tomorrowland jacket with the ulitmate fuzzy add-on. 

Photographed by Stacey Young


New York — A bright orange Coach beanie is the proverbial cherry on top of Natalie Marie Gehrels’ wintry look of vintage top and sturdy Miu Miu boots.

Photographed by YoungJun Koo


Amsterdam — Petra, a fashion photographer, keeps her top half more conservative with a H&M caped coat, but her bold, cranberry tights give this look an extra oomph that we love. 

Photographed by Christian Vierig


New York — Girl on the go and model Liza Yermalovich piles on the perfect set of outfit accoutrements: Balenciaga handbag, Kiki De Montparnasse gloves, a draped Louis Vuitton scarf, and a caffeine fix. 

Photographed by YoungJun Koo


Paris — Linda Tol channels a chic, mysterious, modern-day cowgirl in leather, a wide-brimmed hat, and a star-studded accessory.

Photographed by Melanie Galea


New York — Designer Jac Cameron has her hands full, but she stays pitch perfect in a Madewell skirt and boots and a lust-worthy bomber jacket. 

Photographed by YoungJun Koo


Paris — A tough-as-nails jacket and ripped-jeans combo find the perfect yin to their yang in Anjelica Lorenz’s mega-watt smile.

Photographed by Melanie Galea


New York — Lina Zoo’s outfit makes us give her the complete head-to-toe stare down — from her cognac-colored Balenciaga boots to her quirky Ray-Ban sunnies.

Photographed by YoungJun Koo


New York — Pilar Solchaga’s ripped jeans are J Brand and her boots are Office — they’re also the perfect pairs for navigating NYC’s cobblestone streets. 

Photographed by YoungJun Koo

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