18 Celeb Hair Hues We Can’t Stop Fighting About

Hair color: seems like an innocuous enough topic, no? Usually it is, at least until you start talking Hollywood starlets — then, all bets are off. No lie, we’ve had some knock-down, drag-out fights over whether or not Emma Stone is better as a redhead or a blonde. 

For some reason, something about seeing our fave celebs with a different hair hue unlocks a sort of primal response deep within our very beings. Heck, we nearly burst into tears when Lindsay Lohan first bleached her gorgeous auburn strands (this, of course, was when our biggest concern regarding LiLo was her hair).

The point here being: Hair color is just one of those things that brings out (very) passionate opinions. So, let’s explore the past color choices of some of the most follicularly flexible leading ladies and try to settle these in-house debates once and for all. Read on as we explore our love/hate relationship with these Hollywood hair hues, then weigh in and tell us where you stand.

Photo: Peter Brooker/Rex USA; Everett Collection/Rex USA; Gregory Pace/BEImages.

Can we stop for a sec and recognize the fact that Emma Stone was once a brunette? We completely missed that one, but it’s probably for the best — it doesn’t hold a candle to her scarlet tresses. We know blonde is her natural color, but there’s just no denying the superiority of Emma as a redhead. End of story.

Photo: Ray Tang/Terry Williams/Rex USA; BEImages, Rex/Rex USA.

Well, this brings back some memories. As interesting as it is to see Gwynnie with a different dye job, she just isn’t our chic, gorgeous, slightly loopy (GOOP-y?) Gwyneth without that magnificent blonde mane.

Photo: Jim Smeal/BEImages; Everett Collection/Rex USA; MBBImages/BEImages.

Is there a hair color (or cut, or style, for that matter) that Rihanna hasn’t done yet? We thought long and hard on this one and we’re going to go ahead and say that fire-engine red looks damn fine on RiRi. We don’t know many people who could pull off a shade that daring, so we’ve got to give our favorite good girl gone bad major props for that one.

Photo: Jim Smeal/BEImages; Patrick Rideeaux/Rex USA; Matt Baron/BEImages.

Rachel McAdams has never been shy about playing around with color — she was one of the first A-Listers to sport Rainbow Brite strands, long before it was a widely accepted beauty trend. But as much as we love her chutzpah for embracing hot pink, we’re giving our stamp of approval to her golden, sun-kissed locks and the retro, screen-siren vibe they provide. She looks like a modern-day Veronica Lake and we’re totally digging it.

Photo: Matt Baron/BEImages; Gregory Pace/BEImages; Jim Smeal/BEImages.

This one was a toughie, since Drew looks good in literally every color she’s tried. We loved her ombré mane, that blonde bob, and those deep auburn locks. But, after careful consideration, we’re going to say we prefer Drew in a rich brunette — it really flatters her skin tone and makes her eyes pop.

Photo: David Fisher/Rex USA: Stewart Cook/Rex USA; Richard Young;Rex USA.

This one’s easy: Lilac, no contest. Kelly has been killing it on the style and beauty front lately, and we like to think her My-Little-Pony-purple mane has something to do with that. It just suits her personality and her fashion sense so perfectly.

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