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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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To make cup hot, the flame is lit inside the glass and thus the heat creates the vacuum to make it warm. The suction creates will help the blood flow and rejuvenate the skin and has marked as hot new cupping trend. Well the good thing about this hot new cupping trend is that the red circle vanishes away with time.

The marks result in process of cupping the skin can be alarming as it seems one to be stayed permanent but these bruise are just temporary and thus increased the likability for this hot new cupping trend. This form of cupping is not that dangerous as the cups used are thick-rimmed and don’t heat up to that extent. The cupping varies in forms; one other important form is to make use of suction kit in which the flame isn’t needed.

The hot new cupping trend is new detoxifying treatment amongst the celebrities. This hot new cupping trend acting as a pain reliever and if any celebrity is seen with back marked with prominent red circles, then don’t get upset. It’s not that he or she is being physically abused, but it is a new hot new cupping trend.

Celebrates purposely show their lower back with round red color bruise as a new fad and is consider classy to be added as hot new cupping trend. This hot new cupping trend is also known as “Cupping Therapy”. Celebrities like Jennifer Aniston was captured on the film premier Call Me Crazy showed off her cupping marks. Other celebrities like Victoria Beckham and Denise Richards are also the adopters of this hot new cupping trend.

One of the advantages of this hot new cupping trend is that, it aids the blood flow, energize the body, rejuvenate the skin, and reduce toxin and results in a healthier glow of skin. According to the health practitioners have mixed opinion regarding this hot new cupping trend, some says that it is a reliever and also saves from cellulite. At the end of the day what matters the most to one is the healthy lifestyle and fresh outlook.

According to British Cupping Society, there is also a possibility that excessive suction on skin can cause dark bruise as result of cupping. The hot new cupping trend leads to skin infection as the procedure is antiseptic in nature. It is important professional so that the skin conditions to consult some trained health always receive treatment from trained health professionals.

Blood disorders like anemia, hemophilia, arthritic joint and muscular conditions, eczema, acne, physical and psychological well-being. David Colquhoun, professor pharmacology at University College London says that , accepting cupping as new cupping trend is not making any sense, it is more harmful then helpful to be consider as new hot new cupping trend . If person is suffering from cold ‘It is said that hot new cupping trend to be followed. The suction created from hot cupping help to stop the cold penetrating further into the system.’

Others may say that this hot new cupping trend leads in reducing stress and can relive the shoulder and backache thus facilitates the healing process. Dr Nish Joshi is a UK’s leading cupping practitioner says cupping treatment wont generally be used in pregnancy process, because the treatment is fairly a strong treatment and in the stages of pregnancy. Cupping is fairly a safe, treatment to be applied in normal health but not generally use in pregnancy.

The actress Gwyneth Paltrows appearance on a film premier in 2004 and was sported large circular marks. She articulated that Dr Joshi is responsible for introducing this hot new cupping trend as it has facilitated my lifestyle in many ways.

The photographs of Jennifer Aniston sparked speculation she may be trying for a baby, as there are some supporters of cupping who says that cupping is helpful in fertility. According to a news update, Aniston who is trying to make a baby, took the cupping treatment and have the spots at her right lower back, as she is in her good health condition the cupping treatment lasts for five to six days. She had cupping in the right spots for fertility treatment as well it complements IVF.

There are many researchers acknowledging the cupping therapy to be productive, well many studies contained bias, It is noted that more research is needed to understand the pros and cones of this therapy and to appreciate it as a hot new cupping trend.

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