Christmas 2013 Gingerbread Man Nail Art

Christmas is really in the air and we are now our”sweater weather” month. Everyone looks busy to decorate house, packing gifts, and arrange parties forChristmas celebrations’. In this scenario, give a unique style in your personality to welcome the holy holidays. Christmas nail art as a way of spreading the Christmas spirit. Every time you open that purse to give your card another battering, your festive fingernails will be sparkling right back at you, silently screaming “it’s Christmas”.

Here we give you some tips how you get gingerbreadnail art at home. Go to market and buy 
– Nail polish (White, green, Brown, Taupe, Nude, Red, Creme)
– Dotting Tool / Toothpick
– Cotton Buds
– Acetone / Nail polish
1. Apply your base coat in Taupe colour. Two coats will do and let it dry.
2. With your dotting tool / toothpick, apply red dots vertically. This will serve as the gingerbread man’s buttons.
3. To make a ribbon, use your dotting tool / toothpick as well. Apply two green dots vertically on the upper portion of the nail, leaving a small space in between them. Apply a smaller dot on the space.
4. Apply 2 and 3 steps on your pinky, middle, index and thumb. Leave your pinky finger because we will be making the gingerbread man’s face there.
5. Make a smiley using you white nail polish and your dotting tool on your pinky finger.
6. With you crème nail polish makes an outline using a toothpick / dotting tool. This will highlight the head part.
7. Top coat if you want to protect design. Yummy nail art for Christmas is ready!

Here we share some more gingerbread man nail art’s ideas for Christmas 2013. 

Red and White Bow Nail Art:

The red nail varnish comes into play with this Christmas design. Double coat of red stuff and white line. You can also draw white bow with the help of a friend. Again on red you can give glittering touch on nails.

Red and Silver Dot Art:

Now try the different shade. A few coats of bloody red stuff and we use art pen for perfect dots. For the shakes of the group, the dots would be challenging enough for those show offs, they can add in the snow flakes.

Snow and Silver Effect :

Snow and silver effect will create a festive nail design. Again a white nail art pen can be used to make the snow and snowdrops over the coats of silver glitter or colour of your choice.

Fluffy Christmas Hats:

Velvet nail art looks very special on Christmas. It looks very fluffy. You can transform your nails in to fluffy Christmas hats. The French manicure looks very classic and sophisticated on Christmas. First apply the base on nails followed by careful application of the white at a jaunty diagonal angle, after that apply either a red and green or blue nail art or nail polish.

Christmas Tree:

Green shade is very chic and festive in nail art. Draw Christmas tree on nail. It looks very adorable and makes Christmas party very special. Go and buy some green glittered nail varnish, and apply base on nail. If you have a nail art pen, draw the two lines which then from the triangle for the tree.

Fill in the tree with sparkly and branded new green glittery varnish. If you want to do additionally and have gold glitter varnish, pop this over the top of green and save a little bit of glitter for the star on the top of the tree.

Santa Speacial:

Santa’s nail art has magical effects. Every time you look down at your nails, the happy face of Father Christmas will be there, reminding you that it is nearly the Christmas holidays and you forget due to a lot of work. If you want to have Santa with you everywhere you go.

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