4 Tricks to Creating Summer’s Top Makeup Looks

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Tip and trick number one is to go naked with your skin. If you do not want the excessive makeup melting off your skin in the blazing sun go for make up that is almost nude. Use products to cover up the spots andblemishes that are being vividly highlighted by the sun. from under your eyes to your face all around, give your face a smooth look this summer before applying your makeup.

If you are a little too nervous or conscious about your skin and want to go for fresh but not too natural and nude take up a tinted moisturizer. The tint will give your skin an extra glow, so omit the base to hide the blemishes and go for the tinted moisturizer which will keep your skin moisturized and give illuminate it without really making it too heavy for the heat this summer. This will keep you natural while giving you a smoother skin tone.

Next step is a step ahead with makeup; this trick is to get a safe bronzer. Give your cheeks and cheek bones a slight undertone. This will lift and highlight your cheek bones if you buy a bronzer with a slight shimmer in it. From your cheeks to the bridge of your nose to allow the natural plush and blush to your cheeks this summer so you can cope with the summer heat without feeling the layered burden of make up on your face.

When you go for a shine and shimmer on your face this summer, make sure you do not go for something that is too oily and too shiny. Shimmer safely and strategically. With a nice and gentle highlighter, highlight and shift your focus on your brow bones, the bridge of your nose and along your cheek bones. With minimal make up this summer you can leave your skin glowing.

Go for makeup that is not too loud and is not too bright in the sun, the more natural you go for, the better and more natural you will look. Use make up that will go with everything, a light peachy lipstick and something that has satin finish so that when you are done drinking the cold coffee the wipe of the tissue retains the lipstick on your skin. If a lipstick stays on your skin all day despite you eating it will also give your cheeks a certain bounce this summer.

Get a water resistant mascara, something that won’t drip down your eyes in the heat and the sweat, rather something that will last and rid you from having the raccoon eyes. Get waterproof mascara that won’t irritate your eyes and look too out of the ordinary, something that adds volume to your eyes and keeps them natural. Brighten your eyes, with a deep copper shade smudge it down the corner of your eye to form an inner corner highlight.

This will give you a softer look and if you have colored eyes it will magnify the shade of your eyes. Pick a shade with a slight glimmer in it, something that makes you look soft and gentle with a coupling shade for the lips. So go for the light and the natural this summer, bring out the au natural and gorgeous you just by reestablishing your original beauty.

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