Food to relish this monsoon!

While the temperature is still soaring high, here’s how we can eat right as the rains make their way towards us. Here are the perfect recipes to relish this monsoon…

Fresh cream – 60 gm
Egg – 1 pc
Castor sugar – 15 gm
Tetra milk – 60 ml
Gelatin – 02 gm
Vanila essence – 1 ml
White wine – 30 ml
Grain sugar – 20 gm
Pink peppercorn – 15 gm
Fresh orange – 1 pc
Thyme leaf – a few leaves

Step 1: take yolk of 1 egg, add 15 gm of castor sugar, add 60 gm fresh cream, add 60 ml tetra milk, add 2 gm gelatin solution, add 1 ml vanilla essence and mix well.

Step2: sieve and poor into a serving bowl, allow to cool and set in deep freezer for 2 hrs

Step 3: garnish sauce: add white wine 30 ml into a pan, add 20 gm grain sugar , reduce on slow flame till thick consistency, allow to cool, add 15 gm crushed pink pepper corn, add 20 gm chopped fresh orange, add 5 gm orange rind.

Step 4: finale: de mould the set panacotta on a platter, pour the sauce (step 3) around the panacotta, garnish with thyme leaf and serve

Capers – gm 3.00
Avocado fresh – gm 5.00
Juice orange – ml 75.00
Dhaniya whole – gm 2.00
Jalapeno pepper – gm 10.00
Onion red – gm 12.00
Prawn medium – gm 100.00
Spinach – gm 30.00
Star aniseed – gm 2.00
Tabasco sauce – ml 5.00
Trout fish – gm 75.00
Fish squid tube – gm 40.00

Step 1: To make the dressing, reduce the orange juice, star anice, and jalapeno & coriander seeds; to coat the back of a spoon. Cool the dressing & blend it to form a puree refrigerate it again.

Step 2: Sort the spinach leaves wash and chill them.

Step3: Marinate the smoked prawns, smoked trout and squid with the chilled dressing for 6 hours or more

Step 4: Before serving add some chopped onions, capers, Tabasco, lime juice and seasoning.

Step 5: Dress the spinach with the same mix off the reduction, capers, shallots, Tabasco and seasoning.

Step 6: Place the leaves on a plate, topped with the marinated seafood and serve chilled with a lime slice.

(Pimento vinaigrette, wilted rockets)
Rocket lettuce- 10 gm
Crushed black pepper – 1 gm
Yellow butter – 5 gm
Salt – to taste
Extra virgin olive oil – 5 ml
Amul cheese spread – 200 gm
Gelatin – 8 gm
Green pepper corn – 2 gm
Jalapeno pepper – 5 gm
Red pimento chili – 30 gm
Cracker biscuit – 200 gm

STEP 1: Slice and de-seed the pimento, wood smoke the pimento for 30 min and then puree the smoked pimento

STEP 2: Pimento reduction: in a pan add 5 ml of olive oil, add the smoked pimento puree , add salt to taste, reduce on slow flame till a thick consistency

STEP 3: Cheese preparation: add ½ ltr of milk in pan, add 200 gm of cheese spread, mix when warm until a uniform solution, add 8 gm of gelatin solution and then keep aside

STEP 4: Base: In a bowl crunch the cracker biscuit coarsely, add chopped jalapeno, add crushed green and black pepper corn and 5 gm of butter. Mix well and make a base in a mould.

STEP 5: Now pour the cheese preparation (step 4) in the mould over the base. Set the ½ the prepared pimento reduction in the center of the cheese cake

STEP 6: Allow the cheese cake to set in freezer for 40 min

STEP 7: Finale and garnish: take out the cheese cake from the mould. Set on a platter, garnish with – wilted rockets, cheese cracker and pimento reduction. Serve.

(White balsamic + fresh fig dressing)

Asparagus – 100gms
Cherry tomatoes – 30 gms
Pinenuts – 05 gms
Red grapes – 30 gms
Fresh fig – 01 no
White balsamic – 15 ml
Olive oil – 45 ml
Salt – 05 gm
White pepper powder – 05gms
Assorted greens
(Iceburg, lollorosso, romaine, arugula) 30 gms each

STEP 1: Clean and drain the water off the lettuce. Chill in the refrigerator.

STEP 2: Bake the fresh figs with some olive oil and crushed pepper.

STEP 3: Puree and combine with the white balsamic and seasonings.

STEP 4: Blanch and chill the asparagus, half the cherry tomatoes, Dress the leaves with the dressing, followed by the vegetables and pine nuts. Serve chilled

Duck breast – 01 no.
Salt- 4 gms
Rosemary – 3 gms
Blood orange – 01 no
Cointreau – 10 ml
Madras curry powder – 04 gms
Ghee – 10 gms
Butter – 10 gms
Hazelnut – 02 gms
Mash potatoes – 80 gms
Pokchoy – 50 gm

STEP1: Make gashes on the duck breast’s skin & season it with some herbed oil & salt.

STEP 2: On a cold heavy pan place the duck breast and then sear it slowly, allowing the fat to melt.

STEP 3: Once the skin is a nice golden brown sear the other side.

STEP 4: Place the duck breast in the oven @180 degrees Celsius.

STEP 5: On a separated pan heat the ghee and sauté some onions till golden brown.

STEP 6: Add in the curry powder followed by the orange segments.

STEP 7: Deglaze the pan with some white wine. Reduce this mix and finish with the cointreau and butter.

STEP 8: Use the duck fat from the skillet. Heat it and add the hazelnut followed by the mash .

STEP 9: Plate the mash on a plate and top it with some sautéed pokchoy.

STEP 10: Take out the duck from the oven slice and plate around the mash and finish with the sauce.
Garnish with some assorted chiffonade and serve hot.

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