Chinese Poached Fish Chinese Style Recipe

Poashed Fish Chinese Style


1 whole fresh fish (mandarin fish, carp, trout, grouper, seabass, or perch), 750 g to 1 kg, scaled and cleaned

3 spring onions, shredded

2 pcs ginger, each about 5 cm long, finely shredded

2 tbsp Chinese rice wine

2 tbsp white rice vinegar

1 tsp salt

½ tsp white pepper powder

½ cup peanut or cooking oil


Put sufficient water to cover the fish in a wok and add half the ginger.

Bring to the boil, reduce heat and add the fish.

Simmer very gently until the fish is cooked.

While the fish is cooking, combine the wine, vinegar, salt and pepper in a mixing bowl and set aside.

When the fish is tender, remove, drain and put on a serving plate.

Garnish with the remaining spring onion, ginger and chilli and pour over the prepared mixture.

Heat the oil until smoking in a wok and pour over the poached fish. Serve immediately.

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