Chinese Oyster Omelets Recipe

Oyster Omelets


3 sheets nori (pressed seaweed)

Green vegetable leaves

1 small slice ginger

6 eggs

1 tbsp sweet potato starch


300g miso

600g water

4 tbsp ketchup

180g sugar

1 tsp chili powder

A few drops red food coloring

1 tbsp vinegar


110g corn starch

300g water


Soak the nori in water for 5 minutes, then squeeze out the water and chop. Add 1 tbsp potato starch, a little salt, MSG and finely chopped ginger, mix thoroughly. Shape into oyster sized balls and deep-fry one at a time in a medium hot oil until crispy, Mix B in a bowl and set aside.

Heat a flat pan and add a little oil; first fry quickly a few vegetable leaves, then pour a little of ‘B’ mixture over it, place a few oysters on top, add 1 beaten egg and a dash of pepper. Fry both sides until golden brown. Serve with the miso sauce.

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