Cauliflower Pickle Recipe

Cauliflower Pickle 

Ingredients :

1 cauliflower

5 limes

1 pav (heaped) red chillies

½ pav grains of salt

? pav mustard seeds

2 tsp table salt

1 small piece haldi

1 small piece asafoetida

Method :

Wash cauliflower and cut into small pieces.

Combine juice of lime and table salt with the pieces in a vessel.

Add salt (grains) to ½ litre of water in another vessel. Boil and cool

Using this salt water grind red chillies with asafetida and haldi.

When half done, add mustard and grind to a fine paste. Pour the paste in the first vessel. Mix well.

Tender cucumber, carrot or green mango pieces can be added, if desired. 

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