Chinese Chopped Liver Soup Recipe

Chopped Liver Soup 


240g pig’s liver

5 chicken eggs

A dash of chopped ham


A dash each of salt, yellow wine, MSG, pepper and sesame oil

1.12kg chicken soup


Pound the pig’s liver finely with the back of the knife, filter it in a gauze sieve, remove veins and coarse pellets, put the sieved part in a bowl and add 480g of chicken soup, 5 egg whites, 1 yolk, wine, salt, MSG and pepper to mix well.

Apply sesame oil all over into a soup pot to prevent the ingredients from sticking to it in steaming, then put the (1) in, steam the mixture until it becomes a whole piece and take it out.

Bring the remaining chicken soup to boil over high heat, pour it into a large soup pot, push the whole steamed pig’s liver piece into the pot and sow chopped ham over for serving.

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