Chinese Stir Fried Egg White with Milk Recipe

Stir Fried Egg White with Milk 

Ingredients :

235ml milk

40g cooked crab meat

6g minced Chinese Jin Hua ham

40g rice vermicelli

260g egg white

100ml oil

Seasoning :

40g cornstarch

1/3 tsp chicken stock (powder)

1/3 tsp salt


Deep fry rice vermicelli in boiling oil over low heat, take out and drain. Combine milk, cornstarch, seasoning and egg white, stir well.

Heat the wok, pour in the oil, when the oil becomes warm, pour in half portion of milk mixture, stir well, take out.

Stir fry another half portion of milk mixture with crab meat till

done, then put the stir-fried milk mixture back to the wok, stir

well, take out and place on top of vermicelli, sprinkle minced ham. Serve.

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