Chinese Fried Mixed Vegetables Recipe



8 oz round cabbage, cut into small pieces

5 dried mushrooms, soaked stemmed, and halved

3 oz bamboo shoot, cut into 1 ½ inch strips

1 oz snow peas, strung and boiled

3 inches carrot, sliced and boiled

1 cucumber, sliced

5 tbsp chicken oil (or salad oil)

5 tbsp soup stock

1 tsp salt

1 tsp sugar

2 tsp soy sauce

½ tsp MSG


Prepare vegetable ingredients as indicated above. Bamboo shoot should be sliced into thin strips. Then make slits in edge of each strip so that it looks like a comb.

Heat 5 tbsp oil and fry cabbage first. Then add bamboo and other vegetable ingredients and fry mixture for 5 minutes.

Add soup stock and seasonings and mix. Do not cook too long. This dish may be served either hot or cold.

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