Chinese Beancurd with Vegetables Recipe

Beancurd with Vegetables 


500 g hard beancurd

Oil for deep frying

50 g baby white cabbage (bai chai/bok choy), blanched

½ carrot, sliced and cut in flower shapes, blanched

3 dried black mushrooms, soaked\

1 tsp chicken stock, soaked

2 tsp oyster sauce

1 tbsp Chinese rice wine

½ tsp sugar

¼ cup chicken stock

1 tsp cornflour, blended with water


Cut the beancurd into 8 cm lengths.

Deep fry in very hot oil until golden, then drain.

Pour out all but 2 tsp of oil and put back the beancurd with blanched vegetables, mushrooms, rice wine and sugar.

Stir fry for about 1 minute, then add chicken stock and heat through.

Thicken with cornflour and serve immediately.

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