Finding Shangri La: Breathing Success Into The Field

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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Finding Shangri La: Breathing Success Into The FieldOn the path to success and enlightenment, though one may be corporate and the other, spiritual, it is really hard to separate one from the other, because no matter what we do, energy is expansive and everything is connected.  Our lives are a constellation of our energetic expression.  The true art of breathing, of breath awareness is at the very core of activating the energy around us that enlivens the Field.  People know immediately if you are someone with whom they want to do business or if they would like to deepen a friendship or relationship.  We are so aware of other’s energy fields that we instinctively know when to back away from someone or to lessen an involvement.  We know that there is something either pleasing or repelling about another’s energy when they get close to us.  The breath plays a big part in this sensitivity.  Yoga masters are able to project their breath like a beam of light to far distances for the purpose of healing others.  Impossible you might think? Not so.  But it does take practice.  Start small.  Suppose you have a loved one with whom you have had a misunderstanding or who is in need of emotional support?  Suppose you are wishing for that promotion or new job interview.  Sit quietly and visualize the person, job or event.  Picture your breath reaching the destination with pure intention from your heart.  Ask for the good of all (Yogi’s call this the practice of Tapasya) concerned and then inhale deeply through the nostrils, drawing the breath into your heart and then exhaling slowly through yours lips as if you were blowing out a candle, picturing your breath reaching all the way and energizing the person, event or desired job.  Breath your love and good wishes into it.  Because you have placed the situation under the rule of Tapasya, you can let it go and let the divine flow of the universal energy take over.  Because you only want what is best for all, that is exactly what will result.  Believe……….. 
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