Benefits of clotting drug Trasylol outweigh its risks

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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A notorious clotting medicine banned in Canada and overseas quite a few years ago is now considered safe to use. Health Canada would allow Bayer Inc. to sell aprotinin, common name Trasylol.

Earlier in 2007, Bayer Inc. decided to stop selling the drug when Canadian-led clinical trial compared it to two other clotting drugs that were banned earlier. All clinical trials have a panel of neutral experts who analyze the facts of an ongoing debate to make sure patients aren’t being harmed.

Health Canada said: “After careful review, Health Canada has concluded that the benefits of Trasylol outweigh the risks when Trasylol is used as authorized by Health Canada. Health Canada concluded that the (BART) study was not designed to reliably determine the risk of death … relative to the two drugs it was being compared against, and that the increased number of deaths in Trasylol patients could have been due to chance.”

In addition Dr. Paul Hebert says, “What we did and what we found — not changed. The truth is it’s a very expensive drug that was being used with the thought that it prevented massive bleeding. We said ‘You know, what? … Yes it prevents a little bit of massive bleeding, but it causes an excess mortality of two per cent.’ So in the population we studied there was no evidence of benefit.”

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