Finding Shangri La: Achieving Enlightenment Through Challenges

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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We  tend to think of becoming enlightened as only coming to us through masterful Yoga practice over a long period of  discipline, but there are other ways, since becoming enlightened also means that through all of  your trials and tribulations, you evolve and develop a keen insight into why certain events or challenges are in your life.  For instance, take the challenge of trying to grow your business, have upward mobility or to find a job, yet it seems that you are a pilgrim trying to scale insurmountable mountains or meet constantly with roadblocks that appear to be immovable.  It is very easy to react in survival mode by questioning your place in the sun as well as in the job market.  Taking a challenge and turning it into a success mantra or by  changing it into a question instead of a complaint, which opens the Field to produce answers, re-framing the language of what you are projecting verbally out into the Field, breathing it in to the fiery furnace of your intention, and then creating a strategy that reads like a treasure  map can be very  helpful.  You can do this by examining what you are saying about your situation and eradicating any limiting talk about your success.  It can also be very helpful to ask yourself what you are doing to block your momentum.  My teacher taught me a formula when I was a teenager that went something like this:  The right job, at the right  business, at the right salary, in the right place at the right time.  This has worked for buying houses, cars and just about everything else in life.  It also offers a glimpse at becoming enlightened because  we are operating at a level of consciousness where positive change can occur to create that success.
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