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Acharya Sri Khadi Madama
Acharya Sri Khadi Madama
Saving Lunch
Your lunch time is a time of renewal and refreshment.  It’s meant not only to nourish your body, but to nourish your inner spirit as well.  Whether you’ve got one hour or only a half-hour, that time should be spent truly enjoying your meal. 
The Yogi’s in India will not allow anyone to cook for them who is angry or who has a sour disposition because the very vibrations of the cook, conjoined with the elements of fire, water and metal act as conduits for those negative emotional vibrations, which then become an essence of the food they eat.  Along those lines, mealtimes with Yogi’s are pleasant times that are quiet and allow only for the lightest and pleasant of conversation so that the food doesn’t become contaminated by bad vibrations.  This may sound way out there, but, since everything around us is vibration, it isn’t too far fetched of an idea.  If you must eat with others, make sure that you do not engage in angry talk or talking about health issues or other problems that will lead to a knot in your stomach.  Just the other day, I sat down to eat with a dear friend only to have her start to tell me about someone else’s terminal illness.  I am not devoid of compassion, but the reality of it is that I would be spending my half hour of her lunch time talking about the illness of someone I don’t know, just as a conversation filler, instead of talking about positive subjects of mutual interest.  Further, it does the other person no good to further imprint the illness by talking about it.  Before we start talking about another person’s illness, character or personal business over a sandwich, as a conversation filler, we should ask ourselves if we’d like to be a conversation filler.  And, we should also ask ourselves how we’re going to enjoy the needed respite of lunch, while talking about such unhealthy subjects.  Bring back pleasant, uplifting mealtimes and see how much better you feel.  Believe……… 
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