The Pro-Approved Products To Pick Up At Dermstore’s Sale Right Now

Never underestimate the feel-good powers of a beauty sale. Sometimes, scoring a cart-full of winter essentials is the only thing that makes the brutally cold temperature outside bearable. But while you’re bundled up indoors, dealing with all the downsides of a post-war radiator, you might as well score a brand-new beauty routine at a discount. Luckily, Dermstore is back with yet another money-saving event you’re not going to want to miss.

Whether your regimen is minimal or extra AF, we’ve scoped out the products you need to make these next two months worth staying inside. From hydrating face lotions to foolproof lip balms, these pro-approved goodies will become your seasonal go-tos — and each one is 20% off to boot. All you have to do is enter promo code ‘WINTER’ at checkout.

Click ahead to check out the R29 beauty team’s must-haves. But hurry, the winter sale only lasts until January 22.

“As a relatively sane person, it’s hard for me to justify spending anything more than $5 on a tube of lip balm. But can you really put a price on something that makes your lips soft as a baby’s butt while using SPF 50 to protect it from further damage? I’m taking this sale as a sign that the answer is no.” — Kelsey Castañon, Beauty News Editor

June Jacobs, $24, available at DermStore

“My skin is far too sensitive for any normal kind of peel, but this gentler version has managed to transform the texture of my complexion without triggering any flare-ups — like little droplets of magic.” — Castañon

First Aid Beauty, $55, available at DermStore

“As entertaining as they are, I’m not turned on by twistable mascara wands. But this no-frills option has been a longtime favorite of mine for its thickening and volumizing effects that can’t be beat. Bonus: It’s essential for any beauty starter kit.” — Samantha Sasso, Beauty Editorial Assistant

Kevyn Aucoin, $28, available at DermStore

“I first bought this French skin-care staple when I studied in Paris, and now could never live without it. Not only does it deliver a soothing layer of moisture, but it also doubles as a primer for foundation. Then again, you’ll look so dewy you can skip face makeup altogether.” — Sasso

Embryolisse, $28, available at DermStore

“I can’t talk about this product without mentioning that the term ‘Flawless Creator’ automatically takes my mind to strange places. Doesn’t it just sound like something you’d call a purported biblical prophet who believes they’ve been sent to Earth on a divine assignment? Anyway, I don’t see myself joining a religious cult in the near future, but I do worship at the altar of this tiny glass jar of ultra concentrated pigment, which makes my skin look perfect. It has a silky smooth texture and can be worn alone or mixed with moisturizer or highlighter or whatever for your desired finish — basically, it’s heaven.” — Rachel Krause, Beauty Writer

Dermablend Professional, $40, available at DermStore

“I’ve always known that the whole ‘French-girl beauty’ thing wasn’t in the cards for me: I’m a Russian Jew from New York who breaks out just thinking about forgoing a proper face-wash in favor of micellar water. The most Parisian thing about me, as it stands, is my daily moisturizer, an incredible — and incredibly simple — lotion from Bioderma. Formulated with glycerin, vitamin E, a soothing, moisture-binding form of seaweed known as laminaria, and something else I couldn’t pronounce with a gun to my head (glycyrrhetinic acid, if you’re curious), it’s the most perfect moisturizer I’ve ever found for reducing sensitivity and keeping my skin very, very chill.” — Krause

Bioderma, $19.89, available at DermStore

“I’ve never met a rose hip oil I didn’t like, but this is one of the most luxurious versions I’ve tried. On brutally cold mornings, I add a few drops of it to my regular moisturizer and feel significantly more hydrated before facing the wind; on bad-skin nights, when I just need one gentle, simple product after cleansing, this is what I pat on to take down redness.” — Alix Tunell, Senior Beauty Editor

The Organic Pharmacy, $60, available at DermStore

“I consider myself something of an eyeliner connoisseur, but finding the ‘perfect one’ isn’t easy when your lids are greasy oil slicks. Ever since first trying this one a year ago thanks to my lovely coworker Kelsey, I haven’t been able to put it down. It has the most perfect feather-like brush tip that deposits the darkest, crispest line of color.” — Mi-Anne Chan, Beauty Writer

DHC, $20, available at DermStore

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