Be Safe And Sound Before Travelling By Air

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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Be Safe And Sound Before Travelling By AirAir travelling or travelling by plane is a common practice these days. Juggling with everyday tasks and uneven chores, everyone is in hurry and prefers to save his/her time and efforts by travelling to far-flung destinations via airlines. Gone are the days when air safety was not a matter.

With such frequent airplane crashes, people now days put special emphasis on airline safety. They demand some sound prove airline safety plans and ways to avoid such crashes and uncertain hazards. Although it is a duty and responsibility of the airline from which you are going to travel but despite of this, your life is of much importance to you as well. So, don’t rely just on airline safety plans, do something and follow necessary airline safety tips to enjoy a tension free and save travelling.

Here are some necessary airline safety tips to make you satisfy before going on air!

Airline Safety Tips

Your personal safety comes first:

If you are travelling alone, try to find a nice and helping buddy at the airport. Airports are always loaded with hundreds of people. It is not a difficult task to find a temporary buddy there. Focus on the people who are travelling on the same flight on which you are travelling. This travelling buddy can take care of your luggage and seat in your absence. But be careful about buglers and suspicious persons. Personal judgment is must at this step.

Always prefer non-stop routings:

Non-stop flights reduce the risk of accidents. If there is not much difference in price, timings and phrases of flights then go for non-stop flights. It will probably save you from accidents despite of the fact that it takes quite a bit of time off your trip too.

Put ears on air safety tips and execution ways in case of any emergency:

It is a fact that most of us ignore the execution tips by air hostess and make them ashes in our conversations. It is recommended that you have an execution plan in your mind. Memorize the rows to each exit point and how much time it will take to reach at your nearest plan. Also learn the right procedure to use the parachute in case of any emergency.

Choose larger aircraft:

Larger aircrafts provide a better and somehow comfortable opportunity to their passengers’ survival. Planes with 30 passenger seats are a best choice as they are crafted, designed and certified under the strictest aircraft regulations.

Don’t put heavy articles on over-head bin:

The over-head bin is not designed and able to hold heavy items. If you are travelling with heavy objects, place them elsewhere. Sometimes, a heavy bag falling out from your over-head bin can cause serious damage and injury

– Don’t overload with too much luggage

– Avoid to take hazardous items

– Fasten your seat belt always

– Wear roomy and comfortable clothes

– If you are travelling with infants and kids, seat them away from aisle

These are few necessary airline safety tips that will definitely make your air travelling enjoyable and memorable but also keep you away from hazards and accidents.

Have a safe flight time!

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