13 Tips to Keep Your Spectacles in Top Shape

Finding a pair of eyeglasses that fit your face is a difficult task. It involves multiple seatings to the optometrist, various small fittings to the frame and finally, you are assigned a date to call and pick up the perfect pair for yourself. If you want to go through the different pairs of frames with the latest design and perfect fitting with clear lenses, you must visit an expert’s eye care center. The staff will analyze your vision and find a perfect lens for you to achieve the crystal-clear vision.

If you are struggling to find an eye care center that is expert in their services, you can visit the Trendy Eyes Optometry where the experts are available to take pride in their services. Taking care of these perfect glasses becomes significant when you go through this troublesome obligatory task. In this article, some tips are provided so that your spectacles last longer.

1) Wash your spectacles under lukewarm water. Avoid using hot water because it can create cracks on your spectacles. The aim is to get rid of dust particles so that it does not create scratches in your spectacles and damage them. 

2) Add a drop of cleaning solution on your lens. Rub it on both the sides, in the circular motion. Also, be gentle with the cleaning and rinse them at the end.

3) Dry your glasses using the clean and weaved linen cloth. Gently rub it until it becomes dry. Avoid using a paper towel, rugs, etc, for drying as these may create the scratches on the lens. 

4) You can also use a microfibre cloth to clean the smudges on your lens. Avoid using your clothes to clean off the dust. Laundry treated with the detergent can leave the streaks on your lens. 

5) Always remove your glasses using both hands. Do not wear them on the top of your head when not in use. This can cause the loosening of the frame. 

6) Avoid touching the lenses as this can leave fingerprints and smudges on the lens. Use a microfiber cloth for occasional cleaning of smudges.

7) Always leave your lenses with the frame facing upwards. Even the cleanest surface can have micro dust particles that can create scratches on the surface. Therefore, you should always keep the frame with the lens facing upwards, on a neat and sterile surface.

8) Do not leave your glasses on a dirty, cluttered surface having multiple sharp objects surrounding it. This can cause any accidental irreversible damage to your lens, that you will deeply regret. 

9) In certain activities, it is not a smart idea to carry the glasses. Finish these activities before placing your spectacles back on your face. These activities include sleeping, running, swimming, showering and sports.

10) Over time, your frame may get loosened up. Therefore, they may sit unbalanced on your nose. You must always get your glasses realigned when you feel a problem in the fitting. Take your glasses to your near optician and get them realigned. They might even do it for free if you are a regular customer.

11) A hard-outer shell is necessary to carry your delicate spectacles. When not in use, you must keep them inside their case. Your spectacle must fit inside the case snugly without excess loose space. As these might cause rattling and breakage. Never leave your glasses in your purse or your pocket without any protection. As this may accidentally cause crushing and breakage. 

12) Avoid using your regular glasses for your sports. If you are active in some sports, inform your optician and he will suggest the eyeglasses perfect for the activity. 

13) If you often forget where you keep your glasses and end up looking for it everywhere, it will be a good idea to use a strap to connect with your spectacles. This will help you in keeping them around your neck and you will not forget them again. 

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