How To Stay Active During Fasting In Ramzan

The holy month of Ramzan has just arrived and we must greet this holy month by getting prepared for these spiritual 30 days. Allah has fixed this month for his worship and fasting which means to not to eat for a fixed time that is from dawn to dusk.
This year the month of Ramzan will be in July which is the hottest month of the year and the fast is supposed to be 16 hours long almost which means the complete abstinence from food and it will be about one third hours fasting in 24 hours of the day. The month of Ramzan not only accompanies fasting but it also has many health benefits for all Muslims. Fasting drenches the energy from body making us less active during day so we must know how to stay active during fasting in Ramzan.
Tips To Stay Active During Fasting In Ramzan
Healthy Sahar Time

Fast begins with sahar time means to have breakfast at dawn. The basic health tip to stay active during fasting is to have a healthy sahar meal. The good choice is to consume complex carbohydrates which help to provide energy during fasting or have foods which have low digestion and provide energy for long hours during fasting. Foods such as grains like barley, wheat, oats, beans, lentils, and rice have complex carbohydrates and help in staying fit and energetic during fasting.
The foods rich in fiber such as bran, cereals, whole wheat, grains, potatoes and other vegetables like green beans and fruits also digest slowly.

•  Drinking WaterFasting causes dehydration therefore drinking 5-7 glasses of water during non-fasting hours is very important to keep your body hydrated. It will also maintain blood flow and will regulate body temperature. This year the Ramzan in hot month of July will also make us sweating so drinking sufficient water will replace the lost electrolytes in our body.
•  Balance DietA balance diet is another factor to stay active while fasting during Ramzan. You must consume healthy meal to avoid getting more fat pile up in your body. Try to use more fruits, fresh juices, green vegetables and chapatti to remain energetic. Some foods cause lethargy making a person dull during fasting such as red meat and fast food like burgers. Avoid these junk meals.
•  Avoid Over EatingAt aftar time, we end up stuffing our stomach with too much food that it causes acidity and indigestion. Fast does not mean to over eat or eating more than your normal routine. Try to limit yourself to one third of the food, one third of water and one third of air. It will make you feel lighter and energetic during next day of the fasting.
•  Doing ExerciseTo stay active while fasting during Ramzan it is better to make a schedule for exercise. Doing some exercise of about 30 minutes’ walk, 30 minutes cycling or house cleaning are best ways to beat lethargy. The interesting way of exercise is to spend an hour in kitchen to prepare aftar meal; it will make you energetic before going to table for aftar.
•  Healthy Aftar TimeHealthy aftar meal is also a part of staying fit in Ramzan. During fasting a person becomes less active due to fats melting to provide energy, this is replaced by having meal on aftar time but it does not mean to eat fried items like pakorey and samosey or kachoris. The healthier you eat in Ramzan, the healthier your fasts will be.
•  Praying & WorshipingTo make your fasts more energetic indulge into long prayers and worship. Don’t miss your prayers 5 times a day because it makes you active and physically fit during fast. It also makes you spiritually healthy which is good to stay active while fasting during Ramzan.
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