Court Grants Bail to Gore Website Owner, Barring Internet Access

Court has granted bail to the owner of an Edmonton-based “real gore” website, who was recently arrested and charged for allegedly publishing a video on his website that depicted real murder of a Chinese exchange student, Jun Lin, by Luka Magnotta last year. 38-year-old Mark Marek appeared in courtroom through a closed-circuit television on Thursday morning and was eventually granted $7,500 bail. He is anticipated to be soon released later in the day.

Police asserted in court that Marek was sent the video in an email authored by Magnotta himself, and consequently he posted the video online on his Best Gore website, “knowing the video that was sent to him by Luka Magnotta was depicting a real murder.” Whereas, on the other hand, even though Marek admits having posted the video on his website, he claims that he was not aware of its originality. The contents of that video are banned from publication by a court order. Title of the email containing the video was “1 lunatic 1 ice pick.”

Marek alleged, via a duty counsel lawyer, that he only posted the video “in the public interest” as he wanted to verify whether it was real or not. Lawyer, Guy Doiron, revealed that the video was posted on his website with the message “Is this real? It seems fake.” Later Marek even informed police in Ontario of his suspicion, but Doiron says “the police, in Mr. Marek’s words, blew him off.” Doiron added that “he posted this in the public interest. Once it’s even suspected that it’s real, he takes it down.”

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