Sudan Notifies To Shutdown South Sudan Oil Flow Next Month

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

The shut notification is given to the country following an earlier notification that gave South Sudan 60 days within which it Sudan will shut the oil flow as per the cooperation agreement procedure on any move to stop oil flow.

“We have been notified through our embassy in Sudan that as of the 7th, Republic of Sudan will seize oil belonging to South Sudan passing through its territory,” he said.

Earlier South Sudan received a notification suspending the cooperation agreement, a deal reached with Khartoum last year as part of the resolution to post independence issues.

According to him, Juba will begin the gradual reduction of the crude oil so that the effect of the oil pressure will be minimal once the oil is stopped from passing through the Sudanese territory.

He says they are willing to implement what they have agreed upon with Sudan unconditionally and accused its neighbour of blackmail.

“What we are not willing to do is to be blackmailed because we don’t have any way to pass our oil through,” he added.

South Sudan’s crude passes through the Sudanese pipeline after a deal struck in March this year to resume oil production following the country’s decision to shut its oil in January last year accusing Sudan of stealing its oil.

Both countries witness grappling economies in the one year of oil shut marked by inflation for the countries that depend on oil.

Currently, South Sudan pumps over 200,000 barrels of oil per day according to the ministry of petroleum and the Foreign Affairs Minister says the country will start reducing the oil production level to ensure that the pipeline and the environment does not get critically damaged.

In September last year, the two Sudans accepted to work in a new spirit of cooperation cemented by the cooperation agreement signed by the presidents and Juba is calling for its implementation on merit.

The minister warned of what he termed as “unwarranted linkages” to gain disputed and claimed territories.

Nevertheless the international community has been asked to help in settling the issues between the two Sudans.

Both countries have been trading accusations of rebel support in an effort to overthrow the governments in both countries in which all of them have always refuted the allegations.

Mr. Nhial has informed China through its Charge de Affairs, Mr. Biang Zhigiang, who promised that his government will help to ensure that the two countries dialogue and oil continue flowing adding that it is in his government’s interest for the Sudans to have good relations.

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