Teachers Arrested For Selling Textbooks

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

According to the minister of General Education and Instruction, Kon Deng Chan, necessary measures have already been taken by his ministry in collaboration with legal authorities in state through the help of main law enforcement agency, the Police Criminal Investigation Department (CID) and have managed to confiscate some 214 of the school-books which were found after some were sold.

“It happened last few days that, our agents have arrested a trader in Aweil West who found selling school textbooks with school stamp on it. After investigations, this very trader disclosed that he was supplied by unrevealed source that he said to be working our ministry headquarter,” the minister said.

He said that after investigations they found the main supplier of the books who has bookshop and who works for the Alternative Education System (AES) program and managed to arrest him with other he claimed to have shared selling of books with.

The minister publicized that the two teachers involved in selling of school-materials are identified to be Luka Madhieu and Simon Anei Anei who was found with 940 textbooks, a teacher and deacon at the same time.

According to Deng, he said his ministry had earlier alerted the community elders and the school administrations on the prohibition of selling any single book once distributed to the school centres or pupils earlier in February and March this year.

Other school supplies like school-bags, pens and exercise books which were mainly distributed to schools were donated by humanitarian UN agency UNICEF which the minister said has caused deteriorating relationship with UNICEF in supplying them with additional school-materials in the state.

“This issue of selling school-materials has created problems between us and UNICEF in supplying more materials like chalks, school-bags and exercise books because they made their own research and found out the materials they supplied us with are being sold in the market by traders; hence they stopped giving us more without us knowing the root cause of the problem until last week,” the minister disclosed.

Deng further exposed that the two culprits shall be held until they are judged innocent or guilty of the practice and later have their ministry’s internal policy applied for the cause.

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