States Raise Concerns On Resource Allocation By National Government

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

They called for reconsideration of the system.

The issue rose yesterday during the conclusion of the national Speakers’ forum in Juba after Central Equatoria State raised the concern on the matter.

The allocation of the annual budget, shares to the States allocated by the national government is being distributed equally regardless of population size, needs or priorities.

Central Equatoria State said that as it hosts the national government which brings a number of citizens from the other nine States its resources are being under-allocated.

Other States however, yesterday joined the concern saying that the resources allocation need to be based on population size and needs.

The National Minister of Parliamentary Affairs Michael Makwei yesterday admitted the concern saying it is a very big mistake that has been done by the National government in resources allocation.

“There is need actually to review the allocation of the resources,” Michael said. “All the States are not equal yet they are given equal grants,” he said.

The issue was passed yesterday as one of the resolutions in the Speakers’ forum.

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