Metal Mouth: Living With Braces

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Everything has its own pros and cons. Metal braces are not more expensive and it is also available in colors which can be chance for kids to show themselves. But metal braces make your teeth more noticeable. Make your teeth straight by using metal braces.

Want to smile? Do you want to laugh? There are many options to maintain pretty smile. To have beautiful smile, you can select metal or ceramic braces which also have some pros and cons. It is not too late to have a perfect smile with braces. Some kids and even adults may think that braces are not tools for torture and embarrassment but in fact braces are instruments for the correction of a number of mouth and teeth problems.

Metal braces can strengthen your teeth if your teeth are crowded or overlap. Braces can make things right in your mouth. In this modern era of fashion and glamour, braces are not the cause of embarrassment even they are just to make your teeth straight and in shape.

If you decide to go through with getting braces you will have to consult a dentist for checkup. Your dentist will recommend you to go to the specialist called orthodontist in case if your teeth are not properly aligned. Your orthodontist will suggest you important actions and devices needed for your dental health. An orthodontist will check your bite and suggest you an X-ray that will tell the orthodontist the position of your teeth and will result in permanent teeth.

The metal braces consist of wires and rubber bands. Sometimes the irregular shape of jaws and teeth is because of early tooth lose, accident, thumb sucking and tooth decay.  Or sometimes it is also caused as a result of heredity. Now question may be arise that in what age one can use braces for the protection of teeth. There is no monopoly on braces regarding age group. Children as young as 6 years of age on up to adults can get braces. To make adjustment in teeth, orthodontists make usual arrangements in rubber and wires.

Rubber band is used for the purpose of alignment while wire moves teeth over time. On every trip to orthodontist, the braces will be tightened a little more. This gradual tightening moves the teeth to its final position by making your teeth straight. Orthodontists also suggest you to eat ice cream as it help to ease pain. Make brushing and flossing your habit after every meal. 

One of the cons of using metal braces is that they are more noticeable. But they are less expensive than other type of braces. Two days after tightening metal braces, headaches, nose bleeding and both can occur. After removal of braces, you have to wear retainer for at least one year. It can take a year for perfect adjustment of teeth after removing braces. Due to wearing retainer, there can be scars inside your mouth. Retainer helps to keep teeth from moving about too much.

For perfect straightening and shape your teeth, you must consult a professional dentist or orthodontist. Improper straightening can result in teeth rubbing together and grinding of teeth which can lead to chipped teeth. It can also lead to teeth sensitivity, cheek scars and nerve sensitivity.

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