Finding Shangri La: Good Posture Equals Great Success

Body language, good posture, a confident stride, a winning smile; These are your billboard towards success.  They speak volumes about you before you speak even one word, because people see you coming "a mile away".  Good posture is the foundation.  It is the key to unlock success on that first interview, and also when you’re going in to ask for that important raise, lateral move within the company to the position you’ve always wanted, or to attracting the right customers or close the deal of a lifetime. 
Many years ago, I served as a Wellness Coordinator, which involved working with several women of a certain age.  One in particular had terrible posture with slumped shoulders.  Her head was always bent forward as if she were hiding underneath a hood.  Her hair was allowed to cover a bit of her face and so I always had the feeling of wanting to avoid working with her directly.  Her personality fit her appearance.  She was very guarded, yet at times would emerge and say something cruel and inappropriate.  Clearly she was hiding under a mantle of insecurity, which she tried to gain by "uncloaking" at inappropriate times to be cruel.  She was not able to move up to a better position and people didn’t warm up to her.  She certainly wasn’t the favorite among her co-workers. This is a painful reminder for all of us to check and recheck our own posture. 
Get into the mirror and take a look at yourself.  Don’t be critical, but do be honest.  Your eyes should not be covered by your hair.  Your neck should not be in front of your shoulders.  If they are, you are also not getting enough electricity to your brain and are doing yourself much damage in the long run.  Put a smile on your face even if you are not in the mood.  Put on the "Face of the Golden Serenity".  Your body will be aligned, opening up the internal lock so you can achieve success.  Your field of energy, which is your body imprint that charges the atmosphere around you with good energy will be attractive, and that smile on your face will send the message to your brain to release "happy chemicals".  You’ll be a magnet for success, prosperity, love and all good things.  "Remember, it don’t mean a thing if it don’t have that Bling! Yoga Bling!" 
Acharya Khadi invites readers to submit questions about incorporating more Shangri La techniques into their lives. Please email her at  Your question may be featured in next week’s column. Names withheld upon request.
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