Chrome Browser Fast but Internet Explorer 9 Faster

ComputerWorld tests show Chrome has picked up speed but Opera and IE9 are faster


ComputerWorld touts the new Chrome 10 browser as faster Hands-on: Chrome 10 pushes the browser speed barrier

“The new version of Google’s Chrome browser adds speed, password syncing and a new Options tab.”
The comparison to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 8 is a bit disengenuous since the tests show IE 9 (being released on March 14th) is the fastest browser.
Opera 11 is faster than Chrome 10 as well.
Speed isn’t everything. Ease of use and functionality mean more than raw speed since the browser is waiting for instructions most of the time.
We’ll report more in IE 9′s new features later. How to make your computer 5 times faster without spending a cent

By Stephen Pate, NJN Network

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