Windows: Ribbon UI in the future? (funny videos)


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MicrosoftRibbonUISteve Ballmer spoke at the Microsoft Developers Forum in Japan on May 23, 2011. His published remarks referred to various initiatives by the company that will be making their way into the marketplace in the near future. (FYI: I have seen reports that Microsoft has turned around and “retracted” Ballmer’s comments.)

The name of the next version of the flagship operating system is “Windows 8” and will come out in 2012.

A new hibernation technology is in the works called “hybrid boot” which supposedly changes the way the O.S. shuts down so it can start back up even faster. – As an aside, now that I have moved to Windows 7, I must say that the start-up time is remarkably fast in comparison with XP, a version of Windows which I loved.

Talk of a new Windows 8 brings with it talk of several version of the operating system. With tablets looming large on every horizon, Microsoft seems to be making in-roads in an area which seems to be growing by leaps and bounds.

However, the big news for me was the possible increasing use of the Ribbon User Interface from Office 2007. As you probably know by now, having done an upgrade, Microsoft revolutionized – Or should I say upset the apple cart? – by completely revamping their Office suite around a radically new interface. At the top of the screen you have this thing called a “ribbon” in which all the various menu options have been assembled in what is supposed to be an easier way of finding stuff. After having gotten used to the previous menus, this change threw me and everybody I know for a loop. Is it better? Being the type of user who learns all the speed keys, I hardly ever go through menus, so replacing the menu system with a ribbon doesn’t really affect me but I did find it disconcerting. Will the next generation of users in fact find this all better? Only time will tell.

The point is that some screen snapshots of Windows 8 show, for instance, the ribbon in the Internet Explorer. Will the ribbon take over the O.S. itself?

In September, at the Microsoft Developer Conference in Anaheim, California, the company will apparently be providing testers with their first tech preview or beta of Windows 8. The rumoured release date of the new O.S. would be mid-2012.


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Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates

Okay, I couldn’t resist throwing this in for old times’ sake. Back in 2008, Microsoft decided to counter the series of very innovative and hilariously funny commercials Apple I’m a PC, I’m a Mac. The result, which were original, quirky, and very much a reminder of Seinfeld’s raison d’être in his comedy series that is, “it’s about nothing”, left the world perplexed about just what the message was supposed to be. Did this raise the estimation of Microsoft in the eyes of the world? Did these ads successfully counter the Apple commercials? Whatever the opinion, we were all left scratching our heads. Out of it, Jerry Seinfeld was paid a reported $10 million.

Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates Buy Discount Shoes Windows

Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates live with a New Family

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