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Ever wonder if the big boys are designing their webpages for your smartphone?

By Stephen Pate – I wanted to see if the big boys in mobile had webpages designed for smartphones. The simple answer is no.  That probably explains why 86% of smartphone users stick to apps and not websites.

Google’s Page Speed Insights tests webpages you land on with your smartphone for speed and compatibility with phones. 100 is the top speed.  ”A higher score is better and a score of 85 or above indicates that the page is performing well. (Google) The test also gives advice on how to make the page faster and more compatible with smartphones.

Faster and more compatible websites mean more customers buying more products. I would think Apple and Microsoft would have optimized pages since they sell relatively expensive hardware from their storefronts. Google is only selling low-priced software.

The test does not check how easy it is for consumers to find what they want and check out.  Have you bought anything from either store and how did you find the experience?

Apple Store

Apple is a fail. Browser speed for the store is only 50/50 and the sites gets a lousy 59/100 Experience. Apple fails on  legible font sizes, tap targets sized appropriately, and configuring the viewport.

Apple Store home page fails Google Page Speed Insights at 50/100

Microsoft Store

Over at the Microsoft Store, things are worse and better: 43/100 on mobile speed and 65/100 on user experience. Microsoft will want to fix their page. It might sell a few more Surface tablets.

Microsoft Store home page speed test, another slow site

Google Play Store

Is Google any better?  The Google Play stores has a 71/100 on speed and 70/100 on User Experience. Google tries harder but the page is not good enough.. Google’s advice to developers is to beat 85/100 so their own page fails.

Google Play Store page speed is the highest

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By Stephen Pate, NJN Network

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