After Mistakenly Voting ‘No,’ Ford Explains that ‘I Care Deeply About Mandela’

Inviting yet another controversy towards his way, embattled Toronto Mayor Rob Ford accidentally voted against a motion that aimed to name a street after Nelson Mandela. After making the alleged mistake during the council vote on Wednesday, Mayor Ford alleged that “it was an honest mistake.”

According to Ford, he did not worry about it at the time because he knew it was just an accident. He explained that “there are 40 motions there and it flies pretty fast,” so “I didn’t want to stop the debate and I knew I could just change the vote at the end of it a half hour later.” However, the Council decided not to allow the mayor to correct his vote on the Mandela motion or on one patting Canadian Olympians on the back. Mr. Ford complained that “they are stooping to a whole new level with that,” and pointed out that “it was just a mistake and a councillor does something similar at just about every meeting. It happens. I have seen councillors an hour later ask to have a re-vote or even the next day and they are accommodated.”

In addition to that, the mayor alleged that the refusal to allow him to switch his vote is an act of some city council members who have openly waged war against him. According to the mayor, they purposefully disallowed him to change vote so the vote against Mandela and the athletes could make him look bad. Ford stated that “the people know I care deeply about Nelson Mandela and his legacy and people know how much I respect the athletes.”

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