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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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As the capabilities of the Internet continue to develop, industries become more and more affected by the Internet. There are some industries that are embracing the Internet more than others one in particular, being the gambling and casino industry. On a global scale, online gaming has grown into a multi-billion dollar business. In the early years of online gaming, younger men were the main players dominating the scene. However, statistics show that since 2004 women users between the age of 16 and 74 has increased by 80%, whereas men in this same group have only increased by 60%. Just to give you an idea of how big the online gaming industry is, by the end of this year,New Jersey’s online gaming market will generate $262 million in gross revenue and $463 million by 2017. Not all parties are happy with this development and as a result, campaigns have been initiated in order pressure Congress to stop Internet Gambling.

Online Casino Games and Slots

When it comes to the online casino world, the sky is the limit. Surf the net to find a reliable site that suits your needs. As the online casino industry continues to expand, so do the gaming options and technological enhancements of these games. Choose your favorite casino game such as: Blackjack, Roulette, Casino Hold’Em and Rummy. Try out the cool features these online casinos have to offer. For instance, you can engage in 3D casino games which provide more true to life images and videos. This allows players to engage in a more realistic gaming experience. Or, check out the chat boxes that allow you to chat with other live players! That is not all;do not forget the online slots. Online slotsgames mimic playing a game in Vegas!Choose from the standard single line slots or up to 50 line slots!

Mobile Gaming

With the 4.55 billion mobile users today, mobile gaming is one of the hottest trends out there. Online casinos have taken advantage of the increase of mobile devices to increase their revenue. It is estimated that by 2017 the worldwide revenue from mobile gambling will reach a high of 100 billion dollars. With the introduction of 4G to the mobile market, it has provided the gambling industry with a fantastic opportunity for an improved gaming experience. It has been found that 4G networks deliver lower pings resulting in increased bandwidth and download speeds. This development allows the player to engage in more fast-paced and advanced applications. As 4G becomes more widespread and affordable, the technology will improve as well.


Esports, otherwise known as electronic sports or competitive gaming has grown dramatically in the past few years. E-sports combine the multiplayer experience with real-world physical sports and as a result attract big sponsors. Esports competitive gaming has turned into a spectator sport that has accrued a fan base comparable to American Football, Ice Hockey and Volleyball. According to sports market research, the audience base will rise from 89 million last year to 145 million in 2017. E-sports betting hascome close to a $100 billion industry. Melissa Blau, CEO of iGaming Capital stated that, “Esports offers iGaming operators a new and exciting market that falls outside the traditional sports genre.”

Cloud Gaming

Cloud Gaming is a term used to a form of online distribution. It is also known as Games as a Service or Gaming on Demand.Most games are delivered digitally and available in a multiplayer format. Cloud Gaming allows distributors to consistently update their content, events or options for downloadable content (DLC). The player is able to access their saved games on multiple devices and continue playing where they left off. Users can play these games without downloading or installing them. The Cloud Gaming experience is meant to provide the player with a higher quality and direct game experience.Cloud gaming has paved the way for a carefree online gaming experience. Now you can just pick up your game from wherever you left off and delve into the online gaming world.

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