Windows Phone Buyers Will Get Cool Gadget Free

For the first 2 months, Microsoft is giving away the coolest feature on the 950XL the Continuum Display Dock

By Stephen Pate – Microsoft is sweetening the cost of a new Windows 10 Mobile phone with a free $100 US Display Dock Adapter until January 31, 2016.

Display Dock allows you to use your phone as a portable desktop by connecting to a monitor. Called Continuum, this is one of the coolest things yet in smartphones and it’s only available on Windows 10 Mobile.

You can work on an Office document, play a game, edit a photo and make a phone call all at the same time. Try that on an Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy. Sorry you can’t do it.

Why would you want to? Why wouldn’t you?

You can then use your phone as a laptop replacement for remote computing for instance. Your Windows Phone could be used to drive a smart TV with the right inputs.

The Display Dock also lets you attach a keyboard and mouse for real work. Check out how Continuum really works in this cool video.

The Microsoft 950 XL has more cool features like:

1. Hello unlocking
2. 4K video, with 4 mics and 5.1 Dolby sound
3. 20 MP PureView photographs
4. Built-in Microsoft Office and OneDrive
5. Wireless charging

The free Display Dock applies to the USA and Canada Microsoft stores from November 25, 2015 to January 31, 2016, while supplies last. It’s worth $99 in the United States and $129 in Canada. Other countries have similar offers.

The Windows 950 and 950XL are going to be the first Microsoft Windows phones that don’t get compared to Apple because Apple just doesn’t have this kind of leading edge technology.

Sign up to be advised by email when you can place your pre-order for the Windows 950 and Windows 950XL. Delivery is expected to begin after November 25, 2015. Lumia 950/950XL from Microsoft Store USA  and Lumia 950XL from the Microsoft Store in Canada.

The Lumia 950 with 5.2&Prime WQHD display, 20 MP camera with ZEISS optics, 32 GB storage/microSD 200 GB capable and Windows 10 costs $549.00 unlocked in the US and $749 in Canada.

The Lumia 950 XL has a larger 5.7&Prime display and costs $649 US and $849 in Canada.

Follow the links for more information from the Microsoft Store – Lumia 950/950XL from Microsoft Store USA  and Lumia 950XL from the Microsoft Store in Canada.

In the US, AT&T will carry the phone on 2-year plans. It is less expensive over 2 years to buy the unlocked phone from Microsoft. One thing I like about buying from Microsoft – you have 30 days to return the phone if you don’t like it.

The free display dock offer only applies to the Lumia 950XL.

Valid with purchase and offer registration between 25/11/15, and 31/01/16 while supplies last. Redeem promotional code online through Microsoft Store by 29/02/16. Valid credit or debit card required at time of redemption.

By Stephen Pate, NJN Network

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