Gracie’s Amazing Adventures in YogaLand: Where Everything is Pink AND Perfect!

Acharya Sri Khadi Madama
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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Acharya Sri Khadi MadamaEpisode – 3

Time for homework, but how was she ever going to concentrate on homework with all of these Pink goings-on? She missed her father terribly and was often comforted by the natural wisdom that he seemed to possess, as if he was a really wise old soul. She remembered him telling her that whenever Gracie would feel like things were unmanageable or dreary, or confusing, to turn back to what was normal, secure and dependable. In her secret heart of hearts, Gracie feared that she may never see him again, but never gave in to those thoughts and immediately tuned into his love and wisdom. That meant, heading down to the kitchen for one of her mom’s home cooked meals and sharing news; followed by a bath; followed by tidying up her room and getting everything ready for school tomorrow; followed by dessert and a cup of tea during homework on the big kitchen table. :Just try to follow what is normal”, she thought. Sage advice for a young girl living life in gray and white, who is having pink glitter showing up and other pink things that are appearing from nowhere!

Pink cloudsGracie lay there in the semi-darkness before dawn with tiny shards of light peeking through the curtains on the window, that she could see across the room. Seeing a pink sunset is a pretty common sight, even in Plainfield where everything is gray, but a pink sunrise? She could see streaks of pink along the lower sky that seemed to waft upwards like pink cotton candy. For a moment before the clouds drifted apart, she thought she saw a big pink elephant. She blinked her eyes and drifted back off to sleep again until she was awakened by the sound of something that sounded like the scampering of an animal. She hoped that there weren’t mice in the house!

At 7 A.M. precisely, the moment her alarm was supposed to sound, it didn’t. What did happen, however, was astounding. It was the sound of a telephone ringing. This was very odd, indeed, because Gracie had no phone in her room and the only telephone in the house was her mothers mobile. This phone was ringing in Gracie’s room. But where was it and how did it get there? She have to find it before it woke her mother up too. Continued….

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Installments of Gracie’s Adventures will appear weekly. Stay tuned.

Author, Speaker and Visionary, Acharya Sri Khadi Madama is the recipient of the Jewel of India Award, in New Delhi in 2009. You may visit her website at


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