Gracie’s Amazing Adventures in YogaLand: Where Everything is Pink AND Perfect

Acharya Sri Khadi Madama

Acharya Sri Khadi Madama

Episode – 12

Maybe Gracie was imaging all of this. Had she had some kind of an accident that knocked her senseless?  She had heard of situations like that where people had received a conk on the head and were out cold for an hour or so, or sometimes longer, where they lived another lifetime in the span of only a few hours.  That would not explain her ability, however, to fold up the X17 Yoga Mat, the deluxe version that was rated for 100% mobility through time and space.  Gracie took in a deep breath and let out a deep sigh.  Too much to think about for now as she headed home, Musika riding on her shoulder.  Somehow she’d have to tell the truth to her mother about her Yoga class AND yet not go into too much detail, which would lend itself to at least some skepticism.  She also didn’t know if she should go back to the studio after today, especially since everyone had simply vanished by the time she opened her eyes, and also because there wasn’t exactly a class going on in the first place.  Gracie had left her $10.00 bill with the pink question mark on it on the table by the door to pay for her class, because that was the right thing to do.  Musika, always hungry, suggested that she think about all of those questions after she had a full stomach, because that would mean that his own tiny stomach would be full too.

Her mother, although always cheerful and interested in everything Gracie had to say, seemed a bit distracted this evening.  Taking a class at the local technical school was demanding more of her attention than usual and so Gracie didn’t have to say too much about the Yoga class at the studio, which was a huge relief.  Back up in her room after dinner with a few chocolate chip cookies and a glass of milk to share with her small companion, they talked about what to do about Gracie and the Yoga studio.  Gracie wished she could eat cookies as neatly as Musika, since she got crumbs all over the place and he never left a single one! It was decided that she would prepare to go to the studio for the next day and see how things went, just in case she had times and schedules mixed up yesterday. This was great because now she could just put it out of her mind and finish homework.  She had to get started on her Titanic project and it was going to require all of her attention.  “Goodnight Musika, sleep tight”, Gracie said to the little colorfully clad rat with the gold turned up slippers on his hind feet. “Good night, Gracie” he replied.  Then as she turned out her light, he puffed up and away, disappearing in a little cloud of pink smoke. 

Gracie was jolted awake in the wee morning hours by the sound of the pink telephone. The one she always forgot about until it rang. It was handed to her by a huge pink fish sitting on a pillow of seawater.  Gracie rubbed her eyes in disbelief. She took the phone and listened. It was a beautiful animated voice that sounded like Muriel’s.  It said, “Namaste’ Gracie. Don’t forget about the festivities in YogaLand today”. The only thing that formed in Gracie’s half-asleep mind was a big question mark. A big pink question mark. She wondered, what festivities? And who and what was this creature? And how was she supposed to get to YogaLand?

“Good morning Gracie”, the creature said.  “I am Matsya, the Great Fish.  I am the first of the exalted enlightened beings who will visit you, and I have come to teach your morning Yoga lesson, which today is the Fish Pose or Matsyasana. I think you may find it very helpful in your school report.

To be continued . . . !

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Author, Speaker and Visionary, Acharya Sri Khadi Madama is the recipient of the Jewel of India Award, in New Delhi in 2009. You may visit her website at

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