Tigers Can Save tigers

“Killing tigers is the GREED not the NEED: SAVE TIGERS” – Anonymous.

This quote reminds us as animal lovers, to help stop the growing need of the internationally widespread poaching of the tigers.   Tigers deserve the same concern and fortification that other animals   are receiving through the modest support from the efforts of the World WildlifeFund.  Around the globe, and notably in Canada, many famous people have gained fame through  displaying (tiger) in their names. These icons are Tiger Jeet Singh from Milton, Ontario, Canada & Salman Khan from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Tiger Jeet Singh has signified the use of ‘tiger’ quite efficiently within the concept of his name displaying how he fights like a predator in the wrestling arena just as  a tiger catches his prey.   Salman Khan uses his way of ‘tiger’ throughout the approach of being a spy in his movie ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ which was an instant multimillionaire hit giving him fame and much recognition.

I think all the emphasis about these two big shots,  can actually help bring attention to the plight of the tigers and help the tigers from going extinct to becoming a healthy population. These celebrities can use the means of ‘tiger’ by promoting how it is essential for humans to help the species of tigers so they can thrive in future generations.   Poaching/hunting of these endangered species    has been ruthless.  These precious animals are killed needlessly for their skin, fur and even their teeth in some cases and they need our help!

A while back before poaching had become such a fad, these lovable animals weren’t such a target of fashion styles or fur jackets.  But ever since, the vast amount of poachers have increased around the world.  The poachers, often living in poor locations, have turned to poaching as    a way to make a living.  They have started to hunt animals ranging from elephants for their tusks, tigers for their fur and so on which is such an horrendous and inhumane thing to do from the sounds of it.

According to the WWF there are currently only as few as 3,200 tigers worldwide.  How we could possibly help a tiger to get out of this endangered state?   You could help by spreading the word on how these subtle species are in great danger.  You can help by letting people know that the poaching of a tiger is wrong, ruthful and not needed to be done.  Tigers are an important species to the survival of human beings as they play a vital role in nature, being an important predator to help balance nature.  Furthermore, you can let people know that it’s important to let their opinions be known in order to help in the ambitious race on the task of saving the tiger.

Tigers have feelings too and they have been being attacked for a long while which is depleting their existence and heading them for extinction.    In order to raise awareness to help in the task of sustaining the mere habitat of a tiger and tigers themselves, we need to let people know that what poaching truly is-the criminal act of murdering an animal.  Just as philosophers have stated how we were once animals that thrived in the wilderness before this Modern Era,   it is time for us to lend a hand out to those big cats.  All I want to say is that poaching tigers should be a criminal act of concern whereas in some other countries this type of formality is regarded as just another one of those environmental concerns that people bring up.  This is why it’s so important for the celebrities named Tiger to use their notoriety to tell the world to protect the Tigers from brutal poaching.  It’s much more than a name, , it’s a battle for animal rights!

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