I scream, you scream, we all scream for PEACE Day!

The International Day of Peace is all about commemorating peace that has been achieved by nations around the world. It’s about taking a day off of your life to think about how the world would be if everyone was at peace. It’s even about going out there and getting co-workers, peers and family to go out and participate in peace events locally. I will be participating in this year’s International Day of Peace by letting people around me to learn more about this, help them to strive to incorporate this into their everyday lives, and most importantly, to spread the word about an amazing day like this.

On this day which is celebrated on the 21st of September annually, people across the globe are celebrating to emphasize peace locally, nationally and internationally as well. It is a valuable day to commemorate peace among nations and people. It serves as a day to let others know that world peace in the world can indeed be achieved. This specifically relates to ending war and violence that occurs around the world. If there were a war to be going on International Peace Day then there would be a temporary ceasefire. This would occur within a “combat zone” in order to provide aid access to people around there.

The first time that this was celebrated was back in 1982 and has been consistently celebrated by political groups, nations and people around the world. The key goal that has been outlined by the Secretary-General of the United Nations is to provide peace education. This will be a key in successfully reducing war because when people are educated about war and violence, they realize that it’s not the answer. It will help people to recognize as well as realize that once they are educated about war & violence that they will let others know and spread the word about this type of problem. Therefore, education is the key weapon to conquering war and violence in order to achieve success.

As the founder of Peace Welcome Club (PWC), I can let you know that I have incorporated this day into my everyday life through my initiative, PWC. Our project focuses on giving opportunities to newcomer youth coming to Canada to be able to learn how they can recieve their volunteer hours. This is accomplished through a series of steps which starts off by liking the webpage. That allows for the newcomer to find out about events as we constantly update each and every day. I can connect with this day through my initiative because of how newcomers are given peace opportunities to volunteer in the community which in turn lets them participate in this day of peace. Also, I believe that newcomers coming from various backgrounds help us look at peace from an international perspective.

So have a peaceful International Day of Peace and be peaceful while you celebrate the best day of the year!!

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