New Song and Animated Music Video by Yoga Music Artist David Newman

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Our world can feel scary at times, when terrorism, political divisiveness, and religious intolerance reign. But as spiritual seekers, says David Newman, we can be a force for good. Practices like yoga and meditation help us tune into to our inner guidance, so that we can take compassionate action and make positive changes in the world. We can combat hate and fear with peace and love.

That’s why David has written a powerful song along these lines—which is literally called “Peace and Love” (on November 1st). (See mini-press kit here. And check out his one-of-a-kind, animated music video for “Peace and Love”, which he’s releasing on the same day.)

“I feel that there are two movements of consciousness happening on the planet right now,” David says. “One is moving towards peace and goodness, toward humanity working together and expressing compassion toward one another. And then there’s the opposite of that, where people protect their own self-interest at any expense. This perspective is centered in fear, energizes scarcity, and pits people against each other, obscuring our capacity to focus on our commonality, and preventing us from seeing how working together is the real solution.

“I believe that the outer world is, to some degree, a reflection of the inner world. So the message of ‘Peace and Love’ is that it’s up to all of us to cleanse our hearts, live peaceful lives, and express love as a way of life. With this intention and commitment, we can truly change the world. In other words, lasting change happens from the inside out.”

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“Peace and Love” will resonate with conscious yogis, meditators, and seekers from all walks of life—both now and for years to come. The folky, guitar-and-drums-driven song—which is buoyed by David’s soulful, earnest vocals—is an inspiring, hopeful message of solidarity. Lyrics like “Hearts grow cold when fear prevails/Let’s see a world that we dream of/and fill our hearts with peace and love…” are his response to the divisive rhetoric that has dominated national conversations around the world.

David’s accompanying music video, co-created with director and animator Eric Power, is a feast for the eyes: a parade of colorful hand-cut images that illustrate the stark contrast between a world of hatred and isolation and a world of love and interconnection. Peaceful people and adversaries, sunshine and stormy clouds, verdant forests and a brick-walled desert—all combine to tell a story of what it feels like to live in love versus fear.

As David explains, “The message of ‘Peace and Love’ is that it’s up us to create a more loving and peaceful world by devoting our lives to making meaningful and positive change within us and around us. Together, through solidarity of purpose, we can expand the reach of our positive intentions to uplift and transform humanity.”

What People Are Saying About David Newman

“David Newman is reminiscent of George Harrison, Dylan and Paul Simon when they are in soul mode.” –LA Yoga Magazine

“David Newman…is a star in the international sub-genre of chant…” -NPR’s All Things Considered

“At David Newman’s concert, the event’s volume knob seemed to go from low-level joy to full-on bliss, the kind you feel after climbing a gorgeous mountain or ending a tough run on a strong sprint.” –The Washington Post


David Newman is a chart-topping mantra music master, singer-songwriter, and recording artist. He has released 11 acclaimed albums, including Love is Awakea collaboration with members of Paul Simon’s band and a #1 iTunes World Music bestseller. David writes, tours internationally, and teaches extensively, sharing his wisdom and music with a devoted, worldwide community of fans.

In addition to “Peace and Love,” David has written several other songs related to current events, ranging from American tragedies such as the Deepwater Horizon oil spill and the Sandy Hook massacre. In 2015, David composed, recorded and released “Song for Nepal” to support the Seva Foundation’s Nepal Earthquake relief and rehabilitation fund. David also donated a portion of the proceeds from his song “Love Belongs to Everyone,” from his 2012 album Stars, to the human rights organization, Witness, founded by singer-songwriter Peter Gabriel.

David sees his life’s work simply as “spreading the love.”

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