Review – Bonnie Raitt CD “Slipstream”

First record in 7 years and tour puts blues guitarist and sultry singer Bonnie Raitt front and center

After a 7 year recording drought, Bonnie Raitt returns with her new CD “Slipstream” on April 10, 2012.
“Slipstream” is a soulful and fun romp through the blues and ballads by one of America’s musical treasures.

is available for pre-order from Check out the details at the end of this article. 

Bonnie Raitt
hits the right groove on this CD with a selection of covers from Bob Dylan, Joe Henry and Gerry Rafferty in 12 strong tracks that quickly got inside my head.

“Used to Rule The World” – lead song from Bonnie Raitt – Slipstream
A 7 Grammy Award winner, Bonnie Raitt always puts a smile on your face with her sultry, whiskey voice and attitude. Her slide guitar chops are some of the best in the world. Guitarists are in awe of her playing.
When she slows down the pace on epic songs like Bob Dylan’s “Million Miles”, Bonnie Raitt swings. “And It’s been you baby right down the line…Well I try to get closer but I’m still a million miles from you.”
You feel she really wants to get closer. What’s the problem, I keep thinking. Bonnie Raitt always makes me feel like she’s singing to me, which is dangerous and delicious all at once.
Raitt re-invents Gerry Rafferty’s easy listening song “Right Down The Line” as a deep reggae infused groove. She replaces the sweet love song with a more compelling version.

"Right Down The Line” Bonnie Raitt – Slipstream

The album features her touring band plus guests Bill Frisell, Al Anderson, Paul Brady and Maia Sharp.

“Hearing myself in this new setting,” said Raitt “how deep and effortlessly it went down, really inspired me to start a new record. Working with Joe (Henry) and his guys and then reuniting with mine really got my creative juices flowing again.”

Joe Henry
(Allen Toussaint, Solomon Burke) the 4-time Grammy Award winning producer and songwriter produced four of the songs – “Million Miles”, “Standing in the Doorway” (Dylan), “God Only Knows” and “Right Down The Line”. Henry is known for his unique talents which add to the CD.
Raitt produced the CD on her own label – Redwing – which is both gutsy and modern all at once. She was nurtured by the label system that major production and promotion to artists. The production on “Slipstream” is excellent, down to the unique and colorful multi-fold packaging.
“I know that CDs sell less and less,” she told Joe Pareles in the New York Times “and I’d rather have more of a piece of it,” she said. “I like to have my freedom. Nobody ever told me what to play or when to come out with a record or who to work with. But it’s best to have it really be on my terms.”
The CD sounds great and the booklet and package feel good in your hands and are a mini feast for the eyes. I like CD covers that get your attention, which you miss when music is downloaded. Of course, the sound of MP3 is only 5% of what you get on the CD. Neil Young and I agree on that. He is pushing his new high-definition format which can’t come too soon.
Bonnie Raitt is currently touring – check out her site for dates and tickets.
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By Stephen Pate, NJN Network

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