Bob Dylan Interactive Video Wins Webby

This article was last updated on May 20, 2022

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Bob Dylan wins Webby along with hip artists like Arcade Fire, Pharrell, and Jay Z

By Stephen Pate – Bob Dylan is cool, proving again and again that he is the artist for all ages.

Dylan just won a Webby Award for the interactive “Like A Rolling Stone” video in the Best Video Editing category.  Webby Awards celebrate the best of the Internet. Think of them as the Internet Grammys.

If you haven’t seen the video yet, stop reading this article and go…now.

If you want to watch the Bob Dylan interactive video on a tablet or smartphone, you will need the Interlude App from Google Play or the iTunes App Store.  The video was built using,  which somewhat bizarrely does not support HTML5 yet. On the desktop, the Bob Dylan video plays on the latest versions of Internet Explorer and Chrome but not on Safari.  It’s like stepping back in time using Adobe Flash. How tacky.

Like A Rolling Stone on Price is Right

Where does a 72-year-old artist get the ability to re-invent his most iconic song?  With the song as the soundtrack,  well known television shows on 16 different channels mime the lyrics as you change the channel.  The viewer gets to change the channel to watch the show change, while “How does it feel” surges forward.

Bob Dylan was actually nominated for 4 Webby’s including one for the awesome Bob Dylan Bootleg App, which makes owning an Apple iPad worth the money.

The History Channel goes Like A Rolling Stone

Amazingly both of those Bob Dylan creative works are available free, assuming you have a computer or appropriate mobile device.

“We’re forever looking for compelling, creative ways to distinguish our artists and their music from the din. The Interlude treatment of “Like a Rolling Stone” provides us with a unique, playful, highly engaging platform from which we can reach – and ideally attract – Dylan fans from across the spectrum,” said Adam Block, President of Sony Music/Legacy Recordings.

As usual, Bob Dylan says nothing, except through his art, music, writing and performance.

The Webby Awards will be broadcast on May 20th, 2014. Follow me on Twitter at @sdpate or on Facebook at NJN Network, OyeTimes and IMA News Buzz.

By Stephen Pate, NJN Network

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