EES Civil Servants Pension Deductions Report Presented In Parliament

The Eastern Equatoria State (EES) High Investigation Committee finally presented its findings on the State civil servants’ pension and social insurance deductions following a more than one month probing exercise.  

Presented to Eastern Equatoria State Legislative by the committee’s head, Mr. John Ochan Bongomin, the comprehensive report analytically detailed 8% pension deductions of each employee categorizing the deductions into three governments; CPA Government (July 2005-February 2010), Caretaker Government (March-May 2010) and elected Government (2010-September 2011).
According to the report of the 8 member committee, SSP 6,901,584, SSP 1,098,947 and SSP 6,483,034 was accumulated by the CPA , caretaker and elected Governments respectively summing up to SSP 14,483,566.

Initially the State High Investigation Committee was tasked to check the pay sheets from July 2005 to June 2011 and to identify with verification, the exact number of pensioners in the State due for 2011 and also to investigate the purpose of the SSP 4, 000,000 that was deposited in the Nile Commercial Bank (NCB) before it became bankrupt.

The committee’s chairperson presented to the Assembly a letter dated 21/10/2011 from Torit branch of the Nile Commercial Bank addressed to the committee’s head that SSP 4,250,000 deposited as in three Government accounts numbers TR (G) 0160001, TR (G) 0160011and TR (G) 0160022 as SSP 1,985,000, SSP 2,018,000 and SSP 247,000 respectively.

According to the letter, the amount was to cover legal pension and social insurance deductions for 2009, but the NCB’s letter written by the name of Felix Imoi Sarafino in the department of customer care states that the transfer of the said amount was not effected because there was not enough liquidity in NCB in general but up to now, this amount still exists in three accounts in NCB Torit branch.  

Mr. Bongomin said that his committee faced challenges as payrolls for some months for the years 2005 and 2006 were not available but he said that the State Finance Director General suggested that as a means of solving this data gap, those missing months can be filled by adapting the amount paid in the previous month.

The letter dated 4th November 2011 from EES Finance Director General addressed to the committee’s chair, explains that deductions from January 2011 to date have been accumulated with cash amount of SSP 4,853,056 in Government account opened at Central Bank of South Sudan (CBOSS) in Juba and the State Finance’s Director General has assured the committee’s chair that monthly deductions will continuously be remitted to the CBOSS on regular basis.

EES Finance Director General wrote in his letter addressed to the committee’s chair, Mr. Bongomin that currently the total amount of money saved in the name of pension and social insurance including that in Nile Commercial Bank, Torit branch is SSP 9,103,056.       

Bongomin told the House that, “We tried our level best to collect information from all Government institutions’ pay-sheets but could not get deductions for some months especially for the year of 2006.”

Florence Nighty Lotto asked the House and State Government in general to investigate irregularities noted and blamed the State Ministry of Finance why there were missing payrolls for some months and if so where has the Ministry placed those documents or pay vouchers?  

The committee was constituted by a Ministerial order No. GOEESSMOPSL&HRD/T/50.N.1 dated 3/10/2011 to probe into the 8% pension and social insurance deductions with the above mentioned periods.

For the case of State pensioners as per the committee’s terms of references, Mr. Bongomin said that his committee verified a number of pensioners up to the year 2009 to be 2,382.

However, he continued that those due for pensions in 2010 and 2011could be accessed because the current pensioners have not been paid their dues and it is inconsistent to pass these to accumulate on the unpaid pensioners.

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