UNMISS Underscores Dr. Machar’s Call To End Violence In Jonglei

Miss Hilde F. Johnson together with Lakes State officials in a previous event [©Gurtong]

Miss Hilde F. Johnson together with Lakes State officials in a previous event [©Gurtong]

The United Nations (UN) Representative, Miss Hilde F. Johnson has welcomed the call by the Vice President, Dr. Riek Machar urging the communities of Jonglei State to put an end to the impending violence, and to immediately engage in a reconciliatory peace process.

Early last week, a press released by Miss Hilde, the United Nations Mission to South Sudan, Special Representative for Secretary General stated that “the mass killings must stop and the people in the area need to join together in putting an end to this merciless and lethal cycle of violence once and for all”

“Too many lives have been lost, not least women, children and the elderly, forced to pay a terrifying price for these terrible actions”, she added.

UNMISS urges the Government of the Republic of South Sudan to continue to discharge its primary responsibility to protect civilians, and calls on all the actors involved in this crisis to uphold their commitments to stop further escalation of violence and resolve their differences through constructive and peaceful dialogue.

In accordance with its mandate, UNMISS remains actively engaged to ensure a durable peace for all with impartiality and neutrality.

UNMISS patrols were dispatched early this month in response to the surprise attacks in Jalleh area. Facing the current threat, the Mission is now coordinating with the Government to help deploy additional forces to the areas of tension in accordance with its mandate and within its capacity. Subsequent additional deployments of peacekeepers are also occurring.

Over recent months UNMISS has consistently deployed its limited resources to reinforce efforts to prevent and mitigate conflict in Jonglei State, including to the Lou Nuer and Murle communities. The
Mission also continues to support and promote reconciliation between the various communities, and in particular the inclusive peace process led by the Sudan Council of Churches.

Hilde Johnson pointed out that this is a time when the international community must support the government of South Sudan in their efforts to avert large-scale violence. “This is also the time for all South Sudanese to put peace in their new and independent country above all other concerns and interests,” Johnson said.

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