Government Urged To Sustain Development Projects

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

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She advised the government to actively engage local communities in the implementation of projects so that they can realise a sense of ownership and facilitate the sustainability of projects once donors pull out.

Egge said that it is important for the beneficiaries to know what the project intention was, where is it going, how does it benefit them practically and the subsequent impact on their lives.

She advised the South Sudanese lawmakers to enact favourable laws which impact positively on social lives of citizens.

In response to sustainability, the State Minister of Health Margaret Itto Leonardo assured the partners that the state government is committed to the development initiatives.

“I think always when you are given a shirt, you have to keep it clean so you look better and smart,” she said.

Those in attendance during the conference in Torit included Deputy Governor Jerome Gama Surur, state ministers, senior government officials and representatives of various organisations.

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