Ministry Deploys Journalists To Various Stations

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

State Director General of the State Ministry of Information and Telecommunications, Oliver Duku Wani said the move complies to the council of Ministers’ recent resolution to have the Ministry deploye its reporters to various Ministries so they are able to cover activities and feed the public with news through radio, 97.5 fm.

State Spokesperson Felix Otuduha Siro said reporters are expected as part of their routine to report issues happening on daily basis within respective ministries.

Ministries previously raised complaints that they were not getting fair coverage and Wani believes with presence of reporters will enable fair coverage of activities.

“In the past if you saw no local news at the radio for the public to listen, it was simply because no reporters in those particular ministries. We need to reinforce the system,” he said.

Duku urged the reporters to cooperate with their respective authorities in the ministries and must respect them accordingly.

Obura Titus was deployed as a reporter to the State Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning and Stephen Okilong deployed to the State Ministry of Commerce and Investment.

Nickson Oduha was deployed as video photographer to the State Ministry of Information and Telecommunications.

James Opiny, a video photographer together with Jino Wilson Vinansio as reporter has been maintained at the Secretariat General office.

Meanwhile David Kezi Vinansio, a reporter has been deployed to the Deputy Governor’s office; Simon Salvatore has also maintained as he has been redeployed to State Legislative Assembly as video reporter but joined by reporter Lokuri Henry Benjamin.

Okeny Charles Lammers has been deployed to Ministry of Public Administration and Internal Affairs, his colleague Oryem James Luka has been deployed to Health Ministry but Jennifer Nabongorika has been deployed to Ministry of Public Service, Labour and Human Resource Development, as a reporter.

Velantino Ohide retain his position at the Education Ministry but Ekwang Aphonse has been moved from Ministry’s Headquarters and is now transferred to the Ministry of Social Development and Culture as reporter with Angelo Taban being deployed to the state Ministry of Transport and Roads.

Jimmy Hezekiah Jonathan, a reporter, has been moved from the headquarters to the state ministry of Housing and Public Utilities and Peter Lokale has been moved from his mother Ministry to the State Ministry of Animal Resources and Fisheries with Alice Dudu being retained in the State Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry as a reporter.

Oryem Peter Maseo, the former radio sales manager has been reassigned as a reporter to the State Ministry of Wildlife Conservation and Environment.

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