US $ 1 Billion Appeal For Humanitarian Assistance Launched In South Sudan

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

The agencies have anticipated an increased crisis next near based on studies carried out on socio-economic and political situation in the region surrounding the infant nation, South Sudan.

More than 350,000 refugees are anticipated to arrive in the country next year from Sudan as a result of civil war between the Khartoum government and rebel group (SPLM-North) in Southern Kordofan and others are expected to arrive from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Ethiopia.

Nearly 200,000 refugees mainly from Sudan have already arrived in to South Sudan and the agencies said fighting between rebels and government forces is expected to intensify during the dry season.

“The Consolidated Appeal for 2013 reflects the combined work of the government of South Sudan and 114 agencies to plan for the coming year, meet urgent humanitarian needs, and boost the silence of the most vulnerable,” said Toby Lanzer, UN Chief Humanitarian Official.
The appeal is masterminded by 114 aid agencies and came as a result of occurrences of several events this year both natural, artificial and human which worsened the humanitarian situation in South Sudan.

Impacts of flooding and insecurity both within and externally and economic factor have set the country into humanitarian crisis that is expected to worsen next year.

According to the South Sudan Humanitarian Affairs Minister Joseph Lual, flooding has contributed to destruction of cereal crops and several people have been displaced in their regions.

At least 260,000 people have been affected by flooding this year tripling those affected last year.

“A well coordinated response in 2013 will ensure that communities struck by crisis get the best available protection and assistance on time,” said Toby. “Planning is key to effective humanitarian response.”

He said the appeal will basically be a response to basic needs such as education, health, food security and livelihoods, adding it will also facilitate coordination and common services, logistics, water, sanitation and hygiene.

Lual described the current humanitarian situation in the country “fragile”, adding, “although the 16 months since independence have seen much progress in our young nation, we will still need to work together to meet the need of all people who are in need in the country.”

South Sudan was the first country worldwide to finalize its appeal this year, and a global launch will take place in mid-December.

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