UN Calls For Improvement In South Sudan Justice Sector

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

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UN Assistant Secretary General for Peace Building Support, Judy Cheng-Hopkins yesterday held meeting with the South Sudanese Minister of Justice Hon. John Luk Jok in Juba and discussed several issues related to improvement of the sector.

In a statement to the press shortly after the meeting, John Luk said the meeting discussed several issues connected to rule of law, impact of rule of law on peace building and the role the UN can play in support of the Ministry in areas of rule of law that impact on peace building and justice.

“We have briefed her on the mandate of this Ministry and principle the role of this ministry on the rule of law sector,” John Luk said. “We have discussed about access to justice, conflict prevention.”

“We discussed also issues connected with the development of our whole legal system which is taking place. We have discussed the other situation that also have impact on the justice sector and challenges that we are facing in some of these areas,” he said.

He said it also discussed on the country’s formal justice sector – the customary law – a system that is being used by many of the people in the rural areas. The two parties explored grounds as to how it can be streamlined in order to update its procedures.

South Sudan has in previous months fell a prey to human rights activists, faced criticism over degrading situation of human rights violation that have led to the government evicted a UN official in the country.

John Luk however, last month had challenged State Authorities of misusing the law that have led to increased violation of human rights in the country. He pointed out how senior government officials take the law into their hand and mishandling it.

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